How Concerned Should Georgia Be by 4-Star CB Shaq Wiggins Planning Other Visits?

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIISeptember 11, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Georgia Bulldogs 4-star cornerback commit Shaq Wiggins is not planning on burning any bridges with other schools potentially interested in him. Should Georgia be worried?

There are few things more concerning in the college football recruiting world than knowing that a player who has verbally committed to you is still open to visiting other schools.

What does it mean? Is he really not 100 percent convinced? Will these other schools be able to pry him away?

Such are the questions that anxious coaches ask themselves as they lay awake in bed all night as their commit checks out other schools.

According to Keith Nieburh of, the Georgia Bulldogs may have some anxious days ahead, as Wiggins will continue his visits:

While maintaining he is 100 percent committed to Georgia, four-star cornerback Shaq Wiggins of Tyrone (Ga.) Sandy Creek said he plans to continue visiting other schools.

The reason for that is simple; he doesn't want to be without a backup plan.

"I'm comfortable where I am with Georgia coaching wise and depth-chart wise, but I don't want to make the mistake some players before me made," Wiggins told 247Sports. "You never know what may happen. Coaches could leave. I don't want to kick other schools to the side and say I'm done with it, because you never know if you need them."

Nieburh goes on to report that Wiggins thinks he may visit Florida, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Ole Miss.

So, do the Bulldogs have reason to be concerned that their 4-star corner will be swayed away from them?

The answer here is no.

If he had come out and said that he wasn't 100 percent comfortable with his decision so he wanted to check other schools out, that would one thing. If he didn't affirm his commitment to the Bulldogs and then said that he'd be taking visits, that would be something to worry about as well.

All Wiggins is doing is trying to be smart, though, and that's something he should be commended for.

We've all seen recruits make bad decisions in the past, so Wiggins is doing everything he can to assure that he makes the best one possible for his football career and for his future.

Sure, it may feel a bit uneasy for Georgia as their commit goes out and puts himself in a position to be swayed by other schools. But on the other hand, the Bulldogs should be happy that they have a commit who can handle this decision with that kind of maturity and patience.

This is the biggest decision of his life, and he's treating it like an adult. How can you not respect that as a program? How can you not be excited that a player with his character will be representing your football team?

After all, he's still committed as a Georgia Bulldog, so everywhere he goes he'll be repping the school.

I can see why there would be concern by fans, but if you look at the language Wiggins used regarding his visits, he's just being smart.

The Bulldogs have no reason to worry.

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