4 Reasons Why Sergio Martinez Must KO Chavez in Order to Win Saturday

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4 Reasons Why Sergio Martinez Must KO Chavez in Order to Win Saturday

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    This Saturday is the long awaited middleweight championship fight of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs Sergio Martinez.

    A few years ago, the true fight fans would laugh at you if you brought up this fight happening for many viewed Chavez Jr. as dodging the then worldly recognized true middleweight champion of the world, Sergio Martinez.

    Personally I thought this fight would never actually come off for there would be many excuses for Chavez not taking the fight , or more so, those around him who are protecting him, but here we are looking to this Saturday at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas on the big Mexican Independence holiday weekend.

    If you understand the business and politics of the sport of boxing and arguably the biggest demographic of fans keeping the sport hot and alive, the Mexican and Mexican-American community, then you may see why there might be reason for Martinez, who is Argentinian and who has fought out of Spain, to obtain a knock out victory in order to secure a win against the son of a Mexican legend who many are weighing in as the future possible super star of boxing.


    Here is a list of 4 reasons why Sergio Martinez must KO Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Saturday in order to win.

Martinez Has Lost Some Controversial Decisions Already

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    Sergio Martinez is what you would call an unprotected fighter. Meaning he did everything the good old fashion hard way taking on top elite opposition and even losing to them because they were more powerfully connected or protected so to speak.

    In 2009 Sergio Martinez fought Paul Williams: a good, top-elite fighter who could win on his skill and talent alone, but if needed, one may argue that his powerful adviser Al Haymon to help secure his top fighters a victory regardless of if they truly earned it or not.

    Of course this is just a theory among many fight fans who understand just how powerful Haymon is. We may have seen the power of Haymon help Williams win another even more controversial fight against Erislandy Lara in 2011. Here the decision was so controversial that all three judges from that fight ended up getting suspended.

    Martinez ultimately obtained justice, as he did not leave any chance to get screwed again in the rematch in 2010 when he knocked out Williams cold in such spectacular fashion that it earned him the knock out of the year by many publications.

    Martinez also got the short end of a bizarre fight against Kermit Cintron in 2009. Martinez looked as if he was on the way to win the fight and even had Cintron knocked down and hurt, but for what ever reason he was able to convince referee Santore that he was fouled. So the referee did not rule it a knock down and actually gave him extra time to recover and regain his composure.

    This fight was ruled a draw, where many boxing experts and media felt Martinez should have been awarded the decision if not the late stoppage.

    Martinez is not protected he must win his fights as clear as can be and that means by knock out.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Has Been Groomed to Be the Next Big Star of Boxing

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    All the signs are pretty obvious that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. has been groomed to be the next star of boxing.

    He has everything going for him.

    Being the son of a Mexican national hero boxing legend, Julio has already been selling out stadiums in Mexico, Texas, and yes reports have come out today that his fight Saturday against Sergio Martinez has sold out 18,000 tickets a record for the Thomas and Mack Center.

    Julio has been taking measures to further his marketability by learning to speak English so he can better market himself to the American media and audience.

    He has also been what some may call a diva, getting things done his own way, something that big superstars of boxing only get or get away with.

    One example of this is when right before his fight against Marco Antonio Rubio in San Antonio, Texas reports came out that he just days before got a DUI.

    Any other fighter may have been removed from the fight card all together , but Chavez may have felt that he was such a rockstar that he could party like a rockstar even during his training camp just days before his fight and still fight and win.

    Perhaps Chavez knows he is the next big superstar of boxing and he has already been behaving like he is so.

    Martinez on the other hand has not yet established himself as a household name despite beating the far more top-elite big names such as Paul Williams, and Kelly Pavlik. 

    Sergio still has a bit of trouble selling tickets in his fights unless its against a big name star fighter.


    Maybe Julio knows that it is better for the sport of boxing, Top Rank, his promotions company, and even HBO, if he won instead of Martinez on Saturday night. So knowing that he may feel this fight is a guarantee victory, and unfortunately it might be if it goes to a decision.

    Martinez may dominate Chavez all night and still end up getting screwed when the judges score cards are being announced.

    All of the business and politics and future of the sport of boxing tend to favor a Chavez win over a Martinez win.

Bob Arum Needs a New Star/Cash Cow to Replace Pacquiao After He Retires

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    Bob Arum CEO and Founder of Top Rank Promotions needs a new star and a new cash cow to bring in the big bucks soon as his current top-star cash cow retires, and we all know that Manny Pacquiao has been showing more and more that his heart and mind is not fully in the sport of boxing anymore.

    Pacquiao has even been recently rather reluctant in announcing who is next opponent will be and even changing his fight date from November to December, back to November, and now it seems it is yes back to December again against an opponent that still has not been announced.

    Pacquiao is 33, but an old 33 and has been in numerous wars that have now begun to show the damage and wear and tear on his body and performance inside the ring.

    Chavez is a young 26, undefeated and a big strong heavyweight who walks around close to 200 lbs and fights around 180lbs on fight night. Chavez can not only make numerous middleweight fights but he has the body frame to go up to 168lbs and 175lbs easily for a long career in the sport.

    Bob Arum knows if Julio wins Saturday then the sky is literally the limit at what he can do with his career and how much money there could be made off the next big star of boxing.

    Many even criticized Bob Arum for somehow being behind the controversial loss of Pacquiao to Bradley last June, but that of course is just a theory that many fight fans expressed via fight forums and social media, that did not make much logical sense, seeing that it ended up hurting Bradley's career more than enhancing it.

    On the other hand many are already going into Saturday's fight thinking Martinez may get screwed if he does not stop Chavez, where prior to Pacquiao vs Bradley not many saw the controversial outcome happening.

    Is Arum powerful enough to secure a decision for Chavez should it go the distance? Well if you really are asking this question then you probably do not know who Bob Arum is.

If Sergio Goes Toe to Toe W/ Jr. and KO's Him He May Win over the Mexicans

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    If Martinez goes toe-to-toe with Chavez Saturday night, fights him like a traditional Mexican warrior by slugging it out and knocking him out and then being gracious and humble in victory, then he just might very well finally win over the huge Mexican and Mexican-American audience that he has not yet won over.

    Generally speaking the Mexican fans tend to respect pretty much any fighter of any ethnicity as long as they fight brave, honorable in a toe-to-toe manner, trading bombs instead of running on the back pedal and essentially out-boxing and out-pointing their opponent.

    This is one of the reasons why Manny Pacquiao is so revered and respected even among the Mexican fight fans because even though he defeated so many Mexican legends he fought them all toe-to-toe and slugged it out and always was humble and gracious in victory.

    If Martinez can slug it out and knock out Chavez Saturday night then chances are many of the Mexican fans will finally jump on his bandwagon if they are not on it already.

    A huge knock out win by Sergio may be just what he needs to finally break through and become that household name and super star that he should be already.


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