ESPN Introduces Man Behind SportsCenter Theme Song in Captivating Video

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We hear it once every hour for what seems like the entirety of our lives. It's the SportsCenter theme song, and it was composed by John Colby. 

This video finally puts a name and face to a ditty that is so recognizable, even to casual sports fans. It ranks up there with any other network tunes we all know, and this is its story. 

The mini-documentary starts with the original tune Colby heard back during the inception of the network, and it's entertainment gold. 

Combined with a young ESPN staff, the video starts off with some rather hilarious and memorable sights and sounds we are fortunate changed for the better. 

Seriously, go to the 1:00 mark and you will see Chris Berman with hair. It's a remarkable moment when you remember that the ever-growing comb-over was once a pile of actual hair follicles. 

Thankfully, Colby gave us the "Da-Da-Da" ditty, but not before he stumbled a bit. In the documentary, he plays us his initial attempt at making the SportsCenter theme something far more engaging. 

He came up with a tune that sounds far too newsy and leans a little heavy towards some sort of NFL highlight show you might watch back in the '80s. 

Perfection was in the near future, as Colby then came up with the bump music we all know and love today—a theme song that's not annoying or boring. 

It rests right in that comfortable middle that has seen it live on for what seems like a beautiful eternity. 

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