WWE: Great Finish to Raw Shows How Dumb Having CM Punk and John Cena as Faces Is

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistSeptember 11, 2012

Courtesy of WWE
Courtesy of WWE

Take all the circumstances, related or unrelated, surrounding the final segment of last night's RAW―it equals an academy award winning segment.

The segment sold the WWE Championship match at Night of Champions.

The segment also made the last year of WWE programming seem ridiculous.

Why try and have CM Punk compete for the top babyface position with John Cena? If you have a marketable, believable hero―give him a villain to oppose.

Who were the heels given for John Cena and CM Punk to conquer over the last year with them both being 1A and 1B in the face position?

John Laurinaitis: Talented but not a wrestler.

The Rock: When available and not a heel.

Daniel Bryan: Great matches but a face in the hearts of most fans.

Brock Lesnar: For the day he is in the building.

Big Show: You fill in the blanks.

Alberto Del Rio: Suppose to have some kind of destiny.

R-Truth & The Miz: This was done as quick as it started.

CM Punk can play as good of, if not better, heel then face. CM Punk also provides more potential as a heel then face.

When he was a face, what were we waiting for? Ice cream bars.

As a heel, the options are the optimistic and enticing. First, the alliance with Paul Heyman that's already happened got the wrestling world buzzing. Potential thoughts of are there more “Paul Heyman guys” who will join them.

Perhaps the greatest asset to CM Punk's character and talents is “what will he say next”? He made one famous speech which put him in fan favorite status for going places verbally most guys can never go.

However, after you become the face, you can't make those kinds of speeches anymore. His big weapon was gone.

The final segment of Raw saw an intense verbal matchup between CM Punk and John Cena. Not planned and under terrible circumstances―Michael Cole committed to not saying one word, which made the encounter that much better.

I'm not knocking Michael Cole. It would have been the same if Jim Ross has been keeping silent. It's that sometimes, the best thing to say is nothing at all. Allowing the loud crowd reactions to narrate the award winning performances from Punk and Cena was a go home to the pay-per-view segment that couldn't have been drawn out any better.

John Cena starts to speak French and the fans erupt. CM Punk's disgusted response of Cena lowering himself to the locals was on point. Cena calls Punk an ignorant SOB and then smacks Punk's microphone out of his hand, cutting him off as he's making his big point.

The tension was felt and I want to see the fight.

In just a few days, I'll be in Boston for Night of Champions. For the first time since being in Chicago for Extreme Rules where Cena battled Brock Lesnar―things have a big fight feel surrounding them.

You have a big name good guy, big name bad guy and a lurking swerve about Paul Heyman's role.