NFL Free Agency: Where Has the Excitement Gone?

Tony Dillon@@tdillon1972Contributor IMarch 2, 2009

The start of free agency is normally a big day in the NFL and in the lives of their fans.  Midnight deals and the accusations of collusion start the free agency season off right. 

This year, however, has been a teaser of sorts. 

Haynesworth's signing jump started the first day, but the NFL machine stalled out after that. 

Where were all the big name free agents? As of Monday night, I still haven't seen many of them. 

There have been a few moves that made sense and a few moves that made you want to get a second look (second round pick for Cassell and Vrabel?). For the most part, this free agency season has been very boring and anticlimactic. 

The hype that surrounded the midnight start time has been reduced to a fizzle. Hopefully, some bigger names will sign contracts in the next few days.

Maybe the economy has stopped some of the smaller market teams from being able to even make a preliminary offer to anyone. Who knows? 

We all know that these players are going to get the contracts that they are looking for eventually.  Luckily, the salary cap is in place, so we don't have a "Yankees" team in the NFL.