Why Not Expanding the Big 12 Is Actually a Smart Move

Michael FelderNational CFB Lead WriterSeptember 11, 2012

AUSTIN, TX - JUNE 15:  University of Texas at Austin Men's Athletics Director DeLoss Dodds, right, University President William Powers Jr., center, and Women's Athletics Director Chris Plonskon announce the athletics programs will continue competing in the Big 12 Conference June 15, 2010 in Austin, Texas.  (Photo by Erich Schlegel/Getty Images)
Erich Schlegel/Getty Images

The Big 12, for the sustained success of its conference, needs to focus on winning football games, going undefeated and ultimately winning in the coming playoff. The conference most certainly should steer clear of expansion, as it won't help it galvanize its already solid footing any further.

As Kirk Bohls reported, at least one member of the Big 12 is on the same page when it comes to expansion, DeLoss Dodds of Texas.


Texas AD DeLoss Dodds on Big 12: "I don't see us expanding to 12."

— kbohls (@kbohls) September 10, 2012


While many may point to Dodds as trying to play power broker, the fact is, interim commissioner Chuck Neinas settled all rumors in a chat with The Oklahoman this summer. As Neinas phrased it:

"Our television partners agreed that the only new member that would enhance the Big 12 value for television was Notre Dame."

So, boom.

Unless it's adding Notre Dame, which is not likely at the moment, there is no need for the Big 12 to go elsewhere. Sure, it could help Louisville, Clemson or BYU by adding them to the mix, but the Big 12 would not help itself, and that's the ultimate goal.

The league has already cemented itself as a power player on the college football landscape. The Champions Bowl, its new television deal and the push to get locally hosted semifinal games all speak to that point.

Unlike the ACC, Big East or other leagues, the Big 12 is not pushing to level the playing field. Its field is already leveled.

What the Big 12 needs to focus on is not expansion, but rather, breaking up the SEC's reign of terror.

It needs to find a way to beat out the league that locked its champion out of the title game a season ago and kept it from titles in 2008 and 2009. That is the only thing the league needs when it comes to improving its standing.