A Letter To Jay Cutler, From A Loyal Fan

Jennifer KingContributor IMarch 3, 2009

I, like most fans, was upset to hear of the rumors of a potential trade of Jay Cutler for Matt Cassel (silly). Being faithful to my favorite team, I sincerely hope this is not true. If it is true, I have my opinion to offer. In my hope that Cutler would actually read this, here is one girl's letter to Jay.


If you read this right now, just know that most in Broncos nation (I can't represent all of us) boo at the thought of losing you to someone else. Please do not break up with us just because your stupid coach won't pull his head out of his rear long enough to realize your talent.

Please, in all good conscience, think of the fans and how heart broken we would be if you left us. Know that you are loved in Denver and in the homes of those of us who don't live out there (I'm in AZ).

You have the capacity to be the next John Elway with the right talent to throw to and defense to back you up. It was a very stupid mistake for them to even entertain the notion.

I just want you to know that this Broncos fan has put McDaniels on probation and he may just be our generation's Dan Reeves (you know the whole Elway vs Reeves thing).

I hope that Bowlen backed you up as he did with Elway. Just letting you know that if this fan was a coach I would have laughed at the offer. Good luck in the 2009 season (hopefully you will stick it out).


JR King