G Series: Top 5 OVW Wrestlers That Will Most Likely Appear in TNA

Charlie GSenior Writer ISeptember 12, 2012

G Series: Top 5 OVW Wrestlers That Will Most Likely Appear in TNA

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    On November 7, 2011 it was announced that Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling have come to terms on an agreement.

    What is that agreement? On this day, OVW would officially be recognized as the official developmental territory of TNA Wrestling; great news for both parties involved.

    With the announcement that OVW has become TNA's new developmental ground, I began watching on a weekly basis. Luckily, OVW posted EVERY episode of OVW TV on their official website, ovwrestling.com.

    I would recommend watching OVW to any and everybody. Why?

    1. It's a break from WWE and TNA, while maintaining good in-ring action.

    2. Over 100 wrestlers have gone through OVW and went onto the WWE or TNA, and that number is still increasing. Now, TNA is plucking their future stars from OVW.

    3. Present (Crimson and Rob Terry) and future (Alex Silva, Sam Shaw, Taeler Hendrix, etc) TNA superstars are honing their craft there.

    So, the "G Series" is back this week, to present the five OVW wrestlers who have the best chance of making the TNA Wrestling roster.

Gut Check Winners

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    Sometime ago, in an edition of TNA Today (great video interviews by TNA), Al Snow discussed the entire idea behind TNA Gut Check. He gave us all the inside scoop and answered all the questions possible.

    Why aren't Gut Check winners on Impact? Where are they? What are they doing? How does an aspiring wrestler get involved in Gut Check? All that good stuff.

    Well, as Al said, the Gut Check winners are given an Impact Wrestling contract. However, it starts off as an OVW developmental deal and, from there, TNA will keep a close eye on their progress in OVW and decide when to re-introduce them to the TNA audience.

    We've seen five editions of Gut Check on Impact, right? Started in April, the last one was in August with Chris Lewie, so yeah, five.

    I feel like it'd be wrong not to mention those Gut Check winners here and comment on their odds of making it in, and being successful, in TNA.

    Alex Silva

    The history making, inaugural Gut Check winner, Alex Silva. He's the youngest OVW Television Champion in history and, now, has his sights set on the OVW Heavyweight Championship.

    The, "Lone Wolf" Alex Silva has made quite an impact since his return to OVW several weeks ago. Silva returned and helped Randy Royal take on Bolin Service 2.0.

    Since then, Silva has had that Heavyweight Championship in his sights. He drew lucky number 30 in the Nightmare Rumble at the latest Saturday Night Special (their equivalent to a PPV), and was one of the final three men in the match, but fell short of victory.

    On the latest episode of OVW, 681, Silva picked up a big victory over former number one contender, Jamin Olivencia.

    Silva has been on fire since his return to OVW and he's got a bright future, not only in OVW, but in TNA.

    Taeler Hendrix

    We've seen Taeler Hendrix fill the role as an inspirational wrestler on Gut Check. She was misdiagnosed with cancer at a young age, and has shown the ability to bounce back from such a life changing experience. 

    However, in OVW, we see a much more of a fiery side to the first ever female Gut Check winner. Don't let her pretty looks fool you, Taeler can also be one of the meanest girls on the OVW roster.

    Whether shes bossing around her boyfriend, Dylan Bostic, or beating down some other women in OVW, Taeler is the definition of a feisty redhead. She's in the midst of her second reign as OVW Women's Champion and on top of the division.

    Taeler can play both sides of the coin and hold her own in the ring. Taeler Hendrix could very well be a top performer in the TNA Knockouts division in due time.

    Sam Shaw

    I, personally, think that Sam Shaw had the strongest performance in Gut Check to date. He has yet to make his debut in Ohio Valley Wrestling, but it is highly anticipated.

    As Al Snow said in an edition of TNA Today, Shaw should be making his OVW debut in September. Well, it's September and it's only a matter of time before Sam Shaw arrives.

    Shaw displayed a pretty high-risk style in his Gut Check against Douglas Williams, and Mike Tenay expressed Shaw's offense as, "full throttle". Shaw could play an interesting role in the future of the X-Division.

5. Jamin Olivencia

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    Much like Alex Silva, Jamin Olivencia has been on fire since his recent return to OVW. He's earned several heavyweight championship matches and had an entertaining rivalry with Johnny Spade.

    Jamin is one of the more charismatic guys on the OVW roster and knows how to get it done in the ring. OVW commentators often call his style high-octane.

    He's no stranger to gold and is one OVW Heavyweight Championship away from becoming an OVW Triple Crown Champion. He's a one-time OVW Southern Tag Team Champion and a seven-time OVW Television Champion.

    Jamin has the charisma and in-ring skill to go far in his wrestling career.

4. Cliff Compton

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    Cliff Compton is no stranger to wrestling on center stage. Formerly known as WWE Superstar Domino of Deuce N' Domino, Compton has since returned to OVW.

    He's been a three-time OVW Southern Tag Team Champion and a two-time OVW Heavyweight Champion. He claims to be the most entertaining man in OVW and it's tough to argue against him. He's certainly had the most entertaining feud in OVW, in my opinion, with Chris Silvio.

    With all the speculation around Aces & Eights in TNA, Cliff Compton's name has been brought up in the discussion of, "Who are these masked guys?" on more than one occasion.

    And, on May 31 of this year, Compton also worked a dark match against Crimson in TNA. With Aces & Eights running rampant, and Compton working a dark match one month prior to the gang's debut, I like his chances of arriving in TNA.

3. Chris Silvio

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    "You know what time it is!"

    Here's the other half to that Compton/Silvio feud I mentioned on the previous slide; the "Psychedelic Superstar" himself, Chris Silvio.

    The feud between Silvio and Compton has been fueled by one question: Who is the better entertainer? Since that question was asked, both guys have pulled out all their tricks to prove who's better.

    The friendly competition spiraled out of control and became much more personal after some physical altercations. From what I've seen, I love this rivalry!

    Silvio is a former OVW Television Champion and could defeat opponents of all sizes. He'd be an ideal fit in the X-Division and has all the tools needed to succeed.

    It was only a few weeks ago that Silvio appeared in a dark match try out against Kid Kash on Impact Wrestling.

2. Johnny Spade

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    The OVW Heavyweight Champion, "Smooth" Johnny Spade.

    2012 has really been the year of Johnny Spade in OVW. He led the charge against Josette Bynum's reign when she became too powerful of a figure in OVW, and picked up two reigns as OVW Heavyweight Champion along the way.

    Johnny Spade was a key figure in disbanding "The Family" and freeing OVW from Josette's "JOVW" era. Johnny Spade has fought the best in OVW, and he's beaten the best in OVW.

    Johnny Spade is the man in Ohio Valley Wrestling. He is, in my opinion, one of the most complete wrestlers on the roster; in-ring skill, mic skill, charisma, look, etc.

    I believe it was this past spring that TNA opted to take Johnny Spade on the road with them, and allowed him to compete inside an Impact Wrestling ring during house shows and live events.

    With all that said and with all Johnny Spade has accomplished, why is he listed at number two? He is the OVW Heavyweight Champion after all.

    Well, meet number one on this list....

1. Jessie Godderz

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    Meet, "Mr. PEC-Tacular" Jessie Godderz.

    If he seems familiar you probably either watch OVW, obviously, or watched him in the reality series, Big Brother 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.

    What makes Godderz have a better shot at TNA than the OVW Heavyweight Champion, Johnny Spade? Well, for starters, he's a four-time OVW Southern Tag Team Champion.

    Secondly, remember when I said TNA took Johnny Spade on the road for live events with them? Guess who Spade's opponent was at those live events. Yup, TNA brought Jessie Godderz along with them as well.

    The most important (or "PEC-Tacular" as Godderz would say) reason as to why I listed Godderz above the OVW Champ is because of this:

    "Most importantly, Mr. PEC-Tacular was signed to the aforementioned Impact Wrestling roster in the Summer of 2011 as the inaugural member of its developmental division...and he will be making his much anticipated debut on Spike TV in 2012."


    He already has a contract! Godderz has charisma and personality to succeed, plus his in-ring work improves with every performance.

    As a fan, I cannot wait until Impact Wrestling gets "PEC-Tacular."


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    OVW has a very talented roster. Don't feel limited to only watching these wrestlers just because they're listed. Some other great OVW wrestlers who could be worthy of an honorable mention could be Rudy Switchblade, Jason Wayne, Brandon Espinosa, Dylan Bostic, Joe Coleman, Ryan Howe and plenty more.

    That does it for this week. For anyone that watches OVW, let me know what you think of my list here. For anyone who doesn't watch OVW...what are you waiting for?!

    Suggestions on a future topic are always welcome too. Thanks for reading. 

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