Ken Shamrock vs. Bobby Lashley: March Badness

Craig JolicoeurCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2009

Bobby Lashley

The life and legacy of Ken Shamrock, the “world’s most dangerous man,” may be coming to an end in a few weeks as the 45-year-old has signed on to fight Bobby Lashley.

Shamrock and Lashley are expected to fight on the upcoming March Badness fight card, a combined boxing and MMA event promoted by Roy Jones Jr. The event will take place in Jones’ hometown of Pensacola, FL on March 21.

Lashley, another former WWE star, is now training with American Top Team and has a professional MMA record of 1-0.

I’m not sure why Shamrock would agree to a fight like this, considering Lashley is 265 lbs. of pure muscle and power. Shamrock has only thee wins in his last eight fights—none of them against even C-level competition.

Sure, Lashley is still new to MMA, but he’s not new to athletic competition. Think of Lashley much like you think of Brock Lesnar. Both guys are similar in size and skill set, with Lashley being probably a bit quicker.

Many critics didn’t give Shamrock much of a chance in his cancelled fight against Kevin Ferguson, so how can he be given even a sliver of chance in this matchup?