UCLA Football: Do the Bruins Lead the Style-Points Battle in the Pac-12?

Michael TierneyAnalyst ISeptember 10, 2012

UCLA DE Datone Jones harassed Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez all day long (photo by Whittier Daily News).
UCLA DE Datone Jones harassed Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez all day long (photo by Whittier Daily News).

UCLA jumped into the AP Poll.

The Bruins are now No. 22.

Should UCLA be higher?

Only because Nebraska was No. 16.

And Rice kicked butt this weekend.

Forget where UCLA is ranked in the AP Poll; how do they rank within the PXII South?

USC is No. 2 and Arizona climbed in at No. 24, but how do they stack up eye-to-eye.

Where does UCLA fit into the Pac-12 South considering style points?

Not a power ranking by any means, but style points for pretty wins against top opponents.


First, how do you even rank any team for style points?

Here is a suggested point system for ranking style points.

Beat a Top-25 = get 2 points

Beat a FBS (call it DI) = get 1 point

Beat a FCS (call it DII) = no points

Lose to DI = minus one

Lose to DII = minus two.


So now, let's rank the Pac-12 South teams:


UCLA = Three Points

UCLA beat FBS Rice, 49-24.

UCLA beat No. 16 Nebraska, 36-30.


Arizona = Three Points

Arizona barely got by FBS Toledo at home, 24-17.

Arizona beat No. 18 Oklahoma State at home, 59-38.


USC = Two Points

USC beat FBS Hawaii at home, 49-10.

USC beat FBS Syracuse on the road, 42-29.

But Coach Lane Kiffin does not care about style points at all!


Arizona State = One Point

Arizona State beat DII Northern Arizona at home, 63-6.

Arizona State beat FBS Illinois at home, 45-14.


Utah = Negative-One Point

Utah beat DII Northern Colorado, 41-0.

Utah lost to FBS Utah State, 27-20 (QB Jordan Wynn injured shoulder).


Colorado = Negative-Three Points

Colorado lost to FBS Colorado State, 22-17.

Colorado lost to Div II CS Sac at home, 30-28.


How would all of the Pac-12 be ranked?

UCLA = Three Points

Arizona = Three Points

Oregon State = Two Points

Oregon = Two Points

USC = Two Points

Stanford = Two Points

Arizona State = One Point

California = No Points

Washington = No Points

Utah = Negative-One Point

Washington State = Negative-One Point

Colorado = Negative-Three Points


How does UCLA's schedule look against style points?

Houston = Negative-Two Points

Oregon State = Two Points

at Colorado = Negative-Three Points

at California = No Points

Utah = Negative-One Point

at Arizona State = One Point

Arizona = Three Points

at Washington State = Negative-One Point

USC = Two Points

Stanford = Two Points


Houston, at Colorado, at California, Utah (no QB), at Washington State look like wins. Oregon State, at Arizona State, Arizona, USC, and Stanford may be splits.

Doesn't a nine victory season looks very possible?