John Cena: Goofiest Photos of the WWE Superstar on the Internet

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 18, 2012

John Cena: Goofiest Photos of the WWE Superstar on the Internet

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    WWE's most famous face, John Cena has a habit of making that face a work of comedic art. 

    Depending on where you stand on Cena, one generally finds his childlike enthusiasm either endearing or annoying.

    During a match or midway through an interview, Cena can look awfully silly, intentionally or not. Few fans could keep from laughing at his angry face after Kane attacked Zack Ryder.  

    Pro-Cena fans will look at the following photos and see a guy having fun, who doesn't take life too seriously.

    Those in the anti-Cena camp may cite them as evidence that he can't act, that he's just too much of a goofball to be a legitimate pro wrestler.  


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    John Cena really likes the reference this fan made.

    Cena appeared on two episodes of USA's Psych as detective Juliet O'Hara's brother. A fan made a fun pun out of it for his sign.

    Cena's face stretches with joyous appreciation.

    His eyebrows raise; his mouth grows agape. Doling out subtle facial expressions isn't Cena's specialty. His personality lends more toward an all-out, over-the-top approach to emoting. 

U Can’t See Me

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    John Cena pokes his head out from his purple gear, in effect making liars of his foam hands. We can in fact see him, pouted lips and all.

    Is he blowing a kiss or holding a note here? Is he doing a Curious George impression?

    His expression is not an obvious one. Cena usually overacts to an extreme that it's painfully obvious what emotion he is trying to portray.

    In this case, he just looks happily ridiculous.  

See No Evil Premiere

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    What is clearly an attempt at a tough-guy pose ends up being more of a duck face.

    John Cena was having fun posing with fans at the See No Evil premiere. As the cameras clicked, he seemed to amp up his goofiness.  

    Don't let his impressive physique fool you; Cena is a dork wrapped in a jock's body.       

    He’s dorky in the way that a kindergarten teacher is; corny and willing to make a fool of himself. It's no wonder he's maintained such a strong fanbase with the kiddos.

It Hurts!

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    John Cena won't ever be confused for Daniel-Day Lewis.

    He's trying to project pain and torment here, but it looks more like bad heartburn.

    To be fair, pro wrestling is not full of great actors. Refer to Hulk Hogan in No Holds Barred and Randy Orton in That's What I Am for more information.

    Cena's in-ring acting is heavy-handed to say the least. It leads to hard-to-watch moments like this one.

Party Time

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    Whoever took this photo appears to have given some odd directions rather than saying, "say cheese." Cena and his lady are both rolling their top lip over their teeth, tilting their head and turning this photo-op into a moment of extreme silliness.

    Cena looks like he's doing a Popeye impression.

    Before the Internet and iPhones, Cena might have taken a goofy picture like this without anyone but the people in that limo ever seeing it. 

    Today, though, fans get their hands and eyes on what was once private.

John Cena vs. John Cena

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    Who do the Cena-haters cheer for in this matchup?

    John Cena has some fun here, taking on an action figure of himself. Toy Cena seems to have big Cena in the claw.

    Maybe the smaller Cena has his own Five Moves of Doom?

    Cena comes off so often as the funny uncle, making us laugh with his ridiculousness and lack of inhibition. He does it again here by slapping on a silly expression during playtime.

    It's this unreserved, freewheeling act that endears him to some and annoys the rest of us.  


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    When you stand in a ring and blow on a purple pinwheel, you open yourself up for criticism and jokes from The Rock.

    You also have to be extremely confident in yourself. John Cena has exuded that quality in his career.

    Unlike the other photos on this list, it's not his face that makes this funny, but the situation. 

    There isn't a long list of WWE Superstars that would be caught in this position. 


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    This expression could apply to John Cena's feelings toward all the backlash he has received from fans.

    So what? What can I do about?

    He has seemed to embrace his goofy inner self, having fun with it regardless of what people think.


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    Who says guys can't get excited about new shoes?

    The already-excited John Cena gets even more happy courtesy of some signed kicks. Most of us have photos like this of ourselves at Christmas.

    The only difference is that most people are five years old in their photos. Cena, on the other hand, clearly has no problem letting loose and being himself.

    He looks part maniac, part hissing cat in this photo.