Top 5 Worst Defenses in the NFL Heading into Week 2

Josh ZerkleChief Writer IIISeptember 10, 2012

Every NFL game is its own independent event, so judging and ranking the defensive units of all 32 NFL teams on a single game seems a bit silly. But that has never stopped us before. Besides, identifying some of the worst units of 2012 isn't difficult at all. 

We could start with the Buffalo Bills, who went out and laid an egg against one (really, two) of the most scrutinized quarterbacks in the game today. Not only did Mark Sanchez light up the Bills secondary withthree3 TDs, but he also may have put to bed the quarterback controversy between him and Tim Tebow


Another stinker performance came from New Orleans, who were run roughshod by rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. Granted, Griffin played a great game, and Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan did a fine job of managing his young protégé, but the Saints also deserve some of the blame.

Watch the video to see my other worst defenses in the NFL, and then be sure to leave your own in the comments section below. Thanks for watching!