San Francisco 49ers: Alex Smith Predictions for Week 2

Andrew GardaFeatured ColumnistSeptember 11, 2012

All summer long we heard how last year was a fluke, that the San Francisco 49ers offense couldn't repeat it and even if they could, Smith would collapse.

None of that happened against the Green Bay Packers Sunday. Now, Alex Smith is pretty average as a quarterback and his numbers against Green Bay support that-211 yards and two touchdowns isn't bad, isn't awesome.

He does enough to get his team in a position to win, which they have done repeatedly.

Now he'll face a tough Detroit Lions team who will definitely bring a lot of heat at Smith, who was sacked four times by the Packers.

Expect a lot of short throws to counter the pass rush and see if the Niners and Smith can bait the Lions into over-pursuing on a play action and leaving the middle of the field open.

Smith found new weapon Randy Moss and Michael Crabtree frequently and effectively, and also took advantage of the Packers pass rush with Frank Gore on the ground.

Smith won't put up gaudy numbers like his opposite number on that day, Matt Stafford, will.

He will, however, move the chains and do more than enough to put his team in a position to win this game.

For this week, that will look an awful lot like last week, with numbers in the neighborhood of 230 yards and a couple of touchdowns and an interception.


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