Pittsburgh Pirates Trade Analysis: Mark Mulder, Where are you?

Jim SimmonsContributor IMarch 2, 2009

Mark Mulder,

I have been calling you.

You aren't answering my calls.

I’m wondering why.

Why am I calling Mark you may ask?

I’m calling him because he's exactly the low risk, high reward pick up the Pirates need.

Yes, he has only pitched in two games in the past three seasons. He's also the same guy that had 97 wins in the previous six seasons.

He has had shoulder trouble and been cut and stuffed. The Cardinal fans have had enough, they say he is done.

This Pirate fan thinks he can be that crafty lefty with the veteran leadership, who just happens to know how to win. The Pirates really need that kind of influence on the roster.

I think he would be worth that one year, minor league contract. Let's see what he might, or might not have left. If it works out, Hunnington looks like a genius. If Mulder cant do it, it's no big deal, the Pirates aren't out anything.

On another note, my understanding is that the Pirates are still throwing the idea of bring in Pedro Martinez (high risk!!).