Why a WWE Matchup with Rey Mysterio Would Be Great for Sin Cara

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistSeptember 13, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio are turning out to be an exciting tag team in the WWE.  With their combination of high-flying, fast moves, Mysterio and Sin Cara have been defeating Cody Rhodes and whoever he manages to get as his partner week after week.

While Mysterio is clearly helping Sin Cara by working with him in a tag team, putting these two against each other would accomplish even more.

Facing Rey Mysterio would be great for Sin Cara.  Sure, Mysterio can help him while they are in a tag team, but going up against a wrestler who has a similar style, and has basically accomplished everything in the WWE, would help Sin Cara in the areas where he needs improvement.

Mysterio would be the ultimate challenge for Sin Cara.  If he somehow overcame Mysterio, it would be a huge push in the right direction.


Help His Style

Sin Cara has a tendency to botch moves.  One of his worst mistakes came at Money in The Bank this year when he attempted to flip Dolph Ziggler off the top ropes. 

Sin Cara's moves may look good, but if botched, they might end up hurting someone.  He needs to work on perfecting his moves, and learn to adjust them more to the WWE style of wrestling.

Mysterio as Sin Cara’s tag team partner is always good because he can watch how Mysterio rarely botches, and has adjusted his style to something that isn’t as risky. Sin Cara vs. Mysterio though, would help him even more.

Sin Cara would experience Mysterio’s style firsthand if put against him.  If these two high flyers were to feud, they would work on their matches together, and Mysterio would help Sin Cara botch less, and perform at a higher level. 


Become the Top High Flyer

Mysterio won't be around forever, and the WWE should consider passing the torch to Sin Cara. A feud between the top two high flyers in the WWE would give Sin Cara a huge push, and help him in taking over when Mysterio leaves.

What better way to get Sin Cara over then to have him feud, and eventually beat Rey Mysterio? 

Sin Cara might be popular now, but putting him up against a favored veteran like Mysterio would not only help him improve as a high flyer, but would also help get him over as the top high flyer in the WWE.

With his recent concussion and the other medical problems Mysterio has had, how much longer can he perform at a top level?  Sin Cara facing Mysterio would be a great way for Rey to pass the torch. 


Give Him a Personality

One of Sin Cara's biggest flaws is how he has no personality.  Whether it's supposed to be part of his gimmick or not, booking him as Rey Mysterio's side kick is only making matters worse.  Mysterio seems to have all the personality of the two and it's hard to get behind Sin Cara when he never says a word.

Yes, he is entertaining, but he seems more robotic, besides for the botches, than anything else.

A Sin Cara/Mysterio feud would help give Sin Cara a much needed personality.  Their feud could be the student versus the mentor, and help show a side of Sin Cara that no one has seen.

Eventually Sin Cara will have to step out of Rey Mysterio's shadow.  What better way to do this then by having him face off against Mysterio? 


WrestleMania Moment

Sin Cara vs. Rey Mysterio would be a WrestleMania moment.  A classic mask vs. mask match would be one way for these two to settle a feud at WrestleMania.

Sin Cara facing Rey Mysterio at some point in the future would be a smart move for the WWE.  It could give the wrestler his WrestleMania moment, by having him go up against one of the biggest masked wrestlers in the WWE, and potentially beat him.

It would also greatly help the high flyer.  Their feud would potentially set up Sin Cara to take Mysterio's place once he leaves, help in giving him more of a personality and help him avoid botching his moves.

Sin Cara seems like Mysterio's side kick right now, but a possible match between these two would push Sin Cara in the right direction.