Worst Decisions from Week 1 of the NFL Season

Josh Zerkle@JoshZerkleChief Writer IIISeptember 10, 2012

The NFL is like any other reality-based form of television, as watching its participants make dumb decisions is great entertainment. And Week 1 provided plenty of opportunities for second-guessing the great minds of pro football. It's fun, and it makes us feel smart!

We had more than a few fudged decisions last weekend, perhaps none more than Pat Shurmur's "go for one" call when his Cleveland Browns scored to go up by five points against the Philadelphia Eagles. Instead of trying for the two-point conversion early in the fourth quarter, Shurmur went for the sure PAT.

The Eagles managed another score, and the Browns lost by one. That isn't rocket surgery.

We saw some suspect plays as well, such as Sam Bradford failing to fire off a potential game-winning Hail Mary. The New York Jets also curiously decided to limit Tim Tebow's performance to the Wildcat on Sunday. The Teebster did not register a single pass against the Bills. 

Want to see some more curious decisions to come out of Week 1? Check out my video above and leave your own thoughts on Week 1's blunders in the comments. Thanks for watching.