49ers' Vernon Davis Gets Stuffed by Goal Post After Touchdown

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 10, 2012

There weren't many reasons for Green Bay Packers fans to smile on Sunday afternoon, but San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis getting blocked by a field goal post was certainly one of them. 

One of the more high-profile battles Sunday was waged at Lambeau Field and saw the 49ers own most of the game—and goal posts own Davis. 

In the third quarter, things really got out of hand in every way possible. The 49ers drove down to the 4-yard line and saw their tight end Vernon Davis make a clutch catch in the end zone, putting the game even further out of reach for the Packers. 

Unfortunately, there is a great deal of Green Bay fans who walked out of the room in disgust the second this catch was made. 

It makes sense. The game was then 23-7 and it seemed like a horrible day just wouldn't end. Well, the football gods sent a nice little nugget for all the Cheeseheads out there. 

Davis decided to go with the tried and true dunking of the football at the goal post for his celebratory dance. It's just too bad nobody told him such an act involves more hops than he has and the post itself does a great impression of Serge Ibaka. 

There have been better blocks brought to you by the NBA, but not many. The 49ers star is sent packing as he stumbles to the ground in an act that no doubt made 49ers and Packers fans laughing. 

There you go Davis, keep bringing the world together, one celebration fail at a time. 


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