Matthew Berry: The Friar Tuck of Fantasy Football Predictions

Micheal RobinsonSenior Analyst IISeptember 10, 2012

Berry clearly puts himself on the love list.
Berry clearly puts himself on the love list.

First of all, hate is such a strong word.

My favorite thing to do on Monday mornings during the NFL season is to go back and look at ESPN's Matthew Berry's Love/Hate for his picks to click in Fantasy Football.

Let's remember, this guy gets paid money to do this.

Let's start off with a few players on his "Hate" list:

Demaryius Thomas, Broncos: "See Decker, Eric. Think Ike Taylor is all over DT and gets his revenge."

RESULT: 5 Catches for 110 yards and a score, including a 71 yard score that blew away Berry's boy Ike Taylor.


Another Denver Bronco on Berry's Hate list:

Jacob Tamme, Broncos: "In case you missed it, I'm down on the Broncos this week."

RESULT: 5 Catches for 43 yds and a touchdown for Tamme.  Did Berry forget that Manning used to throw to Tamme in Indy when they were in the Red Zone?  It is likely he will continue to look for Jacob the rest of the season as well.

Not to mention, Peyton Manning is also on his Hate list, and a bad QB rating was specifically brought into the mix.  

How does a 129.2 rating sound for you Berry?  

Gotta "hate" that!


Steven Ridley, Patriots: "Only five teams in the NFL allowed fewer rushing touchdowns last season than the Titans...Anyone on the Patriots can go off any week. It's just trying to figure out which week that'll happen...It's the inconsistency, not the talent, that is the bugaboo here...we know Shane Vereen is definitely out this week, I'll move Ridley up in my ranks, but right now I have him as a flex play, not as a top-20 starter the way two of my fellow rankers do."

RESULT: 21 rushes for 125 yards and a score for Ridley.

It's nice how he puts him on his hate list and says he could still go off.

Which is it Berry?  

He is starting to sound like a weather forecaster: "it may or may not rain today."


Now, let's have look at a player on his "Love" list:

DeAngelo Williams, RB, Panthers: "Only if Jonathan Stewart doesn't play. He's missed two straight days of practice as of this writing."

RESULT: Well Mr. Roto Expert Berry... Stewart didn't play and here is what DeAngelo did in his absence: 6 Rushes for -1 Yards.


Berry does get a few picks right but they tend to be obvious choices. The worst part about him is that he will go into next week and not admit or mention any of his Week 1 flaws.

He goes on to tell us to "use our brain" when looking at his predictions.  

This is the part where I will clearly listen to him.