Video: The Rebirth of BJJ Superstar Braulio Estima

Jeremy BotterMMA Senior WriterSeptember 10, 2012

Braulio Estima is a well-known name to hardcore fans of the martial arts, especially in the thriving Brazilian jiu-jitsu community.

Estima is one of the most decorated grapplers in the world, having won tournaments like the Mundials, ADCC, European Championships and Pan American Championships. Put simply, the second-degree black belt is one of the absolute best submission artists walking the planet today, and now he's making the transition to mixed martial arts. 

Videographer Ryan Loco followed Estima as he prepared for—and made—his recent mixed martial arts debut. Check out this intriguing look behind the scenes as Estima prepares for his own personal rebirth and the next phase of his career.