Updated NFL Playoff Odds for Every Team After Week 1

Wes StueveContributor IIISeptember 10, 2012

Updated NFL Playoff Odds for Every Team After Week 1

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    The week we've all been waiting for is in the books, and we're all looking ahead to the rest of the NFL season. 

    16 long weeks remain, but people are already thinking about the playoffs—wondering if their team will make it. And that's something that only time will tell.

    We can't accurately predict which teams will make the playoffs, but we can put a number on that likelihood. A rough number, but a number nonetheless.

    Just what are your team's chances? 

Oakland Raiders

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    This game did nothing to silence the critics. Oakland struggled to put points on the board, scoring just one touchdown. 

    Though Carson Palmer didn't play badly, the Raiders offensive line was horrible, and Darren McFadden made next to no progress on the ground.

    Oakland simply doesn't have a complete enough team to compete at a high level. There is some promise, but this isn't a playoff-caliber team.

    Playoff Odds: 10 percent

Denver Broncos

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    Peyton Manning lived up to the hype in his Denver debut, leading the Broncos to a victory over the Steelers. Talented wideout Demaryius Thomas again killed the Steelers with a long touchdown.

    We saw what Denver is capable of here. This offense has some serious potential with Manning at the helm, and the defense can also be above average.

    Playoff Odds: 60 percent

Kansas City Chiefs

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    Kansas City has one of the more talented rosters in the NFL. There is serious talent at every non-quarterback skill position, and the defense is pretty well stocked.

    However, Matt Cassel will likely seriously hinder the Chiefs moving forward. Also, Kansas City is young and inexperienced at many positions.

    Playoff Odds: 50 percent

San Diego Chargers

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    Despite having no run game in Ryan Mathews' absence, the Chargers played a decent game against Oakland. The offense will certainly improve when Mathews returns.

    Defensively, San Diego completely shut down Oakland's rushing attack, and the team did a great job of limiting an explosive offense. There is a lot to like here.

    The Chargers aren't a great team, but they have the ability to sneak in as a wildcard.

    Playoff Odds: 35 percent

New York Giants

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    Despite a disappointing loss to the Cowboys, the New York Giants are still legitimate contenders. Eli Manning played pretty well, and the Giants' trademark defensive line kept Tony Romo on the move.

    The fact is, New York had a bad game. It will happen on occasion, but don't expect it too often. This team is good.

    Playoff Odds: 70 percent

Washington Redskins

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    Robert Griffin III had quite the debut, passing for 320 yards and two touchdowns as the Redskins upset the Saints. Washington showed promise all around, scoring 40 points while limiting a fantastic Saints offense.

    Though the Redskins had a great Week 1 performance, it's hard to imagine them maintaining this level of play. The team is too young and inexperienced at many positions. Being in the NFC East doesn't help matters.

    Playoff Odds: 25 percent

Dallas Cowboys

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    Dallas put in a great Week 1 performance as they took down the defending Super Bowl champion Giants. Both Tony Romo and DeMarco Murray played brilliantly, and the defense did a great job as well.

    The Cowboys have underachieved for a few years now, but this could be a sign that Dallas is finally going to live up to its talent level. It is certainly a team to watch in the coming weeks.

    Playoff Odds: 45 percent

Philadelphia Eagles

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    The Eagles disappointed somewhat in their shaky victory over the Browns, but the team is still incredibly talented. Last year, Philadelphia's offense was good, but its defense struggled. That won't be the case in 2012.

    Look for the Eagles to rebound from their rough week and play like we know they can. This team has nearly unlimited potential, and it should be excellent.

    Playoff Odds: 60 percent

Indianapolis Colts

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    After dominating in the preseason, Andrew Luck showed us all what we knew—or at least should have known. He's a rookie and will go through growing pains like any other young quarterback.

    At this point, Indianapolis simply isn't that good of a football team. There's potential down the line, sure, but the team isn't there yet.

    Playoff Odds: 10 percent

Houston Texans

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    One of 2011's best teams, Houston dominated the Dolphins in Week 1. Matt Schaub had a great performance, even with Arian Foster struggling to the tune of only three yards per carry. 

    The Wade Phillips-led defense completely shut down Miami's offense, forcing three interceptions and allowing just 10 points. This is one of the most complete teams in the NFL.

    Playoff Odds: 75 percent

Tennessee Titans

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    Jake Locker didn't play badly against the Patriots, but the Titans were quite clearly overmatched. Chris Johnson was atrocious on the ground, gaining four yards on 11 carries. 

    Tennessee's defense wasn't too terrible, as it allowed just 34 points to New England. That's not good by any means, but the Patriots are capable of much more.

    Despite having some talent, Tennessee doesn't look like a playoff team at this moment. That could change, but the Titans still have some work to do.

    Playoff Odds: 25 percent 

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    The key here was that Blaine Gabbert actually looked like a competent NFL quarterback. Though the Jaguars lost, they showed promise on both sides of the ball.

    Maurice Jones-Drew likely isn't full-go yet, but he still had a decent game against Minnesota. As he returns to full speed, Jacksonville's offense could actually be decent to go with a solid defense.

    With that said, the Jaguars still probably aren't good enough for the postseason. 

    Playoff Odds: 30 percent

Arizona Cardinals

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    John Skelton didn't prove much of anything, though Kevin Kolb did a terrific job after Skelton left the game with an injury. The Cardinals won on a late drive, but they could have easily lost.

    Arizona has once again shown that the team isn't all that dynamic. Its defense is average at best, and its offense is awful. The Cardinals were completely unable to run the ball, and they didn't pass all that well either.

    This simply isn't a playoff team. Maybe it's the quarterback, maybe it's the offensive line—it's both, more than likely—but Arizona isn't that good.

    Playoff Odds: 10 percent

San Francisco 49ers

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    The 49ers made a statement when they defeated the still-heralded Packers. San Francisco didn't exactly shut down Aaron Rodgers, but he didn't dominate as much as he often does, and Green Bay got nowhere on the ground.

    The continued question mark for San Francisco—Alex Smith—played at a high level, and Frank Gore carved up the Packers defense. Kendall Hunter was also successful on the ground.

    Many felt like this 49ers team was overrated, but they proved they are legitimate. San Francisco is here to stay.

    Playoff Odds: 85 percent

St. Louis Rams

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    The Rams came within four points of upsetting a dynamic Lions team. However, they were still quite clearly overmatched, as Detroit outgained St. Louis by 178 yards.

    However, Sam Bradford played well, and the Rams defense forced some timely turnovers. Things could have gone much worse for St. Louis.

    In a fairly weak division, the Rams have a shot—albeit a slim one—at the playoffs.

    Playoff Odds: 15 percent

Seattle Seahawks

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    Russell Wilson was decent in his NFL debut, but the Seattle offense didn't do anything special. The Seahawks showed that they lack dynamic talent at the skill positions—though Marshawn Lynch had a good game.

    Seattle's defense did a great job of shutting down Arizona, but it faltered late in the game. Additionally, on the whole, the Cardinals couldn't accomplish much of anything on offense.

    The Seahawks have a good defense, but their offense is lacking, and the defense isn't great enough to make them a playoff team.

    Playoff Odds: 20 percent

Cleveland Browns

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    On the bright side, Cleveland's defense looked superb against Philadelphia, holding the Eagles to just 17 points and forcing five turnovers. On the downside, the Browns offense took horrible to a new level.

    Rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden put up one of the worst rookie debuts ever, and even Trent Richardson couldn't get much going on the ground. This offense is going to struggle.

    Playoff Odds: 5 percent

Baltimore Ravens

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    In case you didn't know, the Baltimore Ravens are good. Baltimore dominated a Bengals team that made the playoffs a year ago, winning by 31 points.

    The Ravens didn't even need much Ray Rice as they cruised to victory, as the star running back carried the ball just 10 times. The Baltimore defense did a fantastic job limiting Cincinnati's offense and forcing turnovers.

    With Joe Flacco seemingly coming into his own, the Ravens have the potential to be an elite team.

    Playoff Odds: 65 percent

Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Peyton Manning killed the Steelers' first chance at a victory. Pittsburgh didn't play badly at all, but Manning was Manning.

    Ben Roethlisberger wasn't great, but he was more than good enough to win. Unfortunately, Pittsburgh is currently without much of a rushing attack, and Roethlisberger had to carry the team.

    Defensively, the Steelers were good but not great. Against a non-Manning team, they would have likely been much better.

    Playoff Odds: 40 percent

Cincinnati Bengals

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    This wasn't a good showing for Cincinnati. Andy Dalton's play hurt the Bengals as the game wore on, and the team's defense could not stop the Baltimore offense.

    It's hard to say just how much of this game was Baltimore being good and how much it was the Bengals being not-good. Either way, though, this wasn't a positive sign for Cincinnati making the playoffs again.

    Playoff Odds: 35 percent

Carolina Panthers

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    The Carolina Panthers apparently forgot both how to run and that they should try to do so. Sure, Cam Newton is awesome, but he can't carry a team with no help on the ground just yet.

    Newton didn't completely light it up, as the Panthers fell to Tampa Bay and he threw two interceptions. However, the Carolina defense was surprisingly stout, and the Buccaneers had to work to move the ball.

    Carolina has some great talent, but the team is weak as a whole. This is not a playoff competitor right now.

    Playoff Odds: 10 percent

New Orleans Saints

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    This was a disappointing loss for the Saints. Drew Brees put up a rare sub-50 percent completion rate, and New Orleans fell to the apparently-overlooked Redskins.

    The Saints scored 32 points, so the problem wasn't really the team's offense. The defense, however, was completely unable to contain Robert Griffin. 

    New Orleans needs to play better than this in order to beat the Falcons for the NFC South title.

    Playoff Odds: 55 percent

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Tampa Bay wasn't quite as offensively explosive as was hoped for, but the Buccaneers still picked up the victory. Josh Freeman avoided mistakes, and Doug Martin had a decent game on the ground.

    Defensively, the Buccaneers forced Cam Newton into mistakes while completely eliminating the Carolina ground attack. Tampa Bay is more talented than they showed, but this wasn't necessarily a disappointing performance.

    Still, the Buccaneers aren't nearly as talented as the other teams in their division. They will struggle to compete in many games. 

    Playoff Odds: 25 percent

Atlanta Falcons

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    The Falcons had a fantastic debut against a talented Chiefs team. Matt Ryan dominated, completing 23 of his 31 passes for 299 yards and three touchdowns.

    Atlanta's defense wasn't necessarily great, but it wasn't horrible either. The Falcons offense is already showing its massive potential, and the team's defense should be at least average.

    Playoff Odds: 60 percent

New York Jets

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    Week 1 couldn't have gone a whole lot better for the Jets. New York somehow scored 48 points and beat Buffalo by 20. 

    Mark Sanchez played surprisingly well, and rookie wideout Stephen Hill showed great promise. Maybe the Jets are another example of how useless the preseason is.

    Playoff Odds: 35 percent

Miami Dolphins

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    It seems obvious that Ryan Tannehill isn't ready to start. The rookie quarterback threw three interceptions and struggled throughout the game.

    The Dolphins actually did a great job of shutting down Arian Foster, but Matt Schaub passed almost at will. This could be a rough season for Miami.

    Playoff Odds: 5 percent

Buffalo Bills

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    The Bills allowed the New York Jets offense to put up 48 points. That's not a good sign of things to come.

    On offense, only C.J. Spiller contributed much of anything, as Ryan Fitzpatrick struggled through the air. The Bills weren't playing an elite team here, but they still looked terrible.

    Playoff Odds: 5 percent 

New England Patriots

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    The Patriots appear to be in midseason form, as they stomped on the Titans in their Week 1 victory. Tom Brady faced little resistance, and New England even ran the ball, with Stevan Ridley gaining 125 yards on 21 carries.

    Defensively, the Patriots did a good job of limiting Jake Locker, and they completely shut down Chris Johnson, who gained just four yards on 11 carries. 

    Once again, New England looks like a surefire playoff team in a not-so-great division.

    Playoff Odds: 85 percent

Detroit Lions

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    Despite trying to throw the game away, Detroit was able to hold on for the victory against St. Louis. Matthew Stafford threw three costly interceptions, but he was able to put together a game-winning drive during crunch time.

    Detroit didn't give up many yards to the Rams and played well—minus the interceptions. They just need to limit mistakes in the future, and they should once again be a playoff team.

    Playoff Odds: 60 percent

Chicago Bears

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    Like they should have, the Bears dominated Indianapolis in their Week 1 matchup. Chicago is a far more talented team with more experience.

    Jay Cutler played well, and he showed great chemistry with offseason acquisition Brandon Marshall. The defense also did an excellent job of forcing turnovers and limiting Indianapolis' offense.

    However, Chicago comes out of a tough NFC North, and it's hard to project just how well the Bears can compete with those teams.

    Playoff Odds: 40 percent

Green Bay Packers

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    Despite suffering a disappointing loss to the 49ers, Green Bay is still a fantastic football team. Aaron Rodgers is arguably the game's best quarterback, and the Packers are loaded at receiver.

    However, Green Bay's defense continued to struggle against San Francisco, and the Packers are far from a flawless team. Yes, the Packers are excellent, but they clearly are not unbeatable.

    It's hard to imagine Green Bay not making the playoffs, but the team plays in a competitive division, and anything can happen in the NFL.

    Playoff Odds: 75 percent 

Minnesota Vikings

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    Against the Jaguars, Christian Ponder put up a solid if somewhat lackluster performance. Fortunately, Adrian Peterson looks like he never even tore his ACL. 

    Minnesota didn't do a great job of holding Jacksonville's Blaine Gabbert-led offense, though it did do a good job of containing Maurice Jones-Drew.

    Though the Vikings weren't bad here, they aren't good enough to make the playoffs in a loaded division.

    Playoff Odds: 5 percent