Will RGIII Have a Better Rookie Season Than Cam Newton?

Aaron NaglerNFL National Lead WriterSeptember 9, 2012

Yes, yes, that was exciting. RGIII looked fantastic against the New Orleans Saints in his first regular-season action.

But the Saints will struggle to get to the passer all year. And their DBs played a bunch of soft coverage. Steve Spagnuolo's defense struggled early in his first year with the New York Giants, and while these Saints don't have the talent up front that defense had, it will take a similar amount of time for the defense to jell. 

Meanwhile, RGIII will face a much tougher test next week against a Rams secondary that took the ball away from Matthew Stafford three times. 

Cam Newton is a once-in-a-lifetime talent who had a monster rookie season. While I think RGIII will have a great year, it seems a bit much to project the same kind of outcome for his rookie year as Newton had.

Now, I know my friend Andrew Garda disagrees. He wants to talk about all sorts of reasons RGIII will keep this up. I'm sorry, but that's just wishful thinking. 

Let us know who you side with in the comments section...