Michael Vick Shakes off the Rust in Philadelphia Eagles' 17-16 Week 1 Win

Bob Cunningham@BCunningham215Senior Analyst IMarch 22, 2017

Sep 9, 2012; Cleveland, OH, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick (7) drops back to pass against the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-US PRESSWIRE
David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

Well, it wasn't pretty, but at least the result was satisfactory for Philadelphia Eagles fans, as their team pulled off a 17-16 win against the Cleveland Browns in last-minute fashion.

Michael Vick led the Eagles on a 91-yard drive to finish off the fourth quarter and give his team the win, but it's what came prior that will concern Eagles fans everywhere.

Vick finished with an atrocious four interceptions, three of which were apparently headed toward absolutely nothing. To put that in perspective, Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden also threw four picks, and not one of his looked as bad as any of Vick's.

As is usually the case, however, several variables were at play.

The play-calling was very, very bad all game long. And really, that's putting it lightly. Andy Reid did not adjust to the fact that Vick was not playing well and instead kept asking him to sling it around. With LeSean McCoy in the backfield, it doesn't make any sense to keep him on ice while Vick is struggling.

As far as that goes, it doesn't make sense not to use McCoy with Vick on an incredible hot streak. But that's more about McCoy's greatness than any deficiencies on Vick's part.

So while Vick was struggling to hit the broad side of a barn, Reid continued to pass the ball. And every time Reid forced Vick to drop back, he was subjecting him to a type of beating no quarterback—or human being—deserves.

In a word, the Eagles' offensive line was horrid. Incompetent and pathetic could also describe the effort of the unit.

Or any other word that essentially equates to "really bad."

In addition, there was clearly some rust for Vick to work out. As the announcers pointed out all game long (seriously, every five minutes), Vick took just 12 snaps in the preseason. As much as everyone complains about the preseason, it's necessary to get a player up to speed. Vick did not have those practice runs and it obviously affected him.

The bright side is Vick looked very good on that final drive, and that could be taken as a sign that it just took him 55 minutes to shake off that rust he accumulated sitting on the bench during the four weeks before the regular season began.

Or, and it's something no Eagles fan wants to even contemplate, it could just be that Vick's mediocre 2011 season is spilling over into 2012 and will be an issue all season long.

But just to nip this in the bud, no, it is not time to see Nick Foles. He's just not ready to lead a team at this point and it's far too early to give up on Vick, especially after that game-winning drive.

And if you even for a second seriously considered calling for Trent Edwards, I don't even have anything to say to you.

Vick's magnificent drive to end the game will make a lot of people forget about the four picks, and that's fine, just as long as Vick proves moving forward this was nothing more than rust and not a sign of things to come.