Brian Dawkins: The End of an Era in Philadelphia

Walt HaleyContributor IMarch 2, 2009

I was sitting in my car on Friday when I received a disturbing message on my cell piece.

"Brian Dawkins has signed with the Denver Broncos."

Ouch. I actually got choked up and promptly drove right to Dairy Queen, ordered a Snickers Blizzard, and the bad thoughts went away.

The thoughts only went away for a little while.

I had to make that Dairy Queen trip 13 times this weekend. The eight pounds I gained were well worth it.

The bad feeling came back to me in waves this weekend. It kind of reminded me of how I feel after I black out after drinking 32 beers and 14 shots. The thoughts periodically pop into my mind of what transpired the day before, followed by the cold sweats and me screaming “Oh, my God, Oh my God. I did what? What happened to my pants? Oh, I can’t talk to Bob for at least two months, etc.”

Only this is permanent. The Dawkins era is no more. It was bound to happen. I only wish he got to finish his career in midnight green. He was so much fun to watch.

He knew how to fire a crowd up. Coming out of the tunnel and crawling around on the ground like a spider. Simple awesome! Wolverine lives on!

I know in the past the Philadelphia Eagles have gotten these types of personnel decisions right even if the moves chipped away at the fragile minds of the fan base. Truth be told, they probably got this one right but they eventually have to throw us a bone. This team runs the city’s mental state and they know it.

I knew they couldn’t break the bank on this one, but they could have offered Dawkins a two-year deal in the neighborhood of $5-6 million and he would have most likely accepted the contract. They are $48 million dollars under the cap this year with the potential of no salary cap next year.

So they aren’t exactly strapped for cash, and this deal wouldn’t have put a dent in those numbers.

The locker room would have remained jelled as well, and that is something you cannot simply replace with another safety. Brian Dawkins was the teams and the fan base’s emotional leader. I feel a trip to Dairy Queen coming on here!

I loved the Stacey Andrews signing but they better go out and make a huge splash over the course of the next week or two! They better get a safety (Gibril Wilson?), or a wide receiverlike TJ Houshmandzadeh, or make a trade for Anquan Boldin.

If anything they can’t screw up the draft as they’ve done in the past. They freaking owe it to the fan base, especially the way they crapped the bed (yet again) in the NFC Championship game. They have to get over the hump.

I have a feeling they will, only they will be missing an emotional piece—Brian Dawkins.

Emotionally, it’s not too good of a start. If this team has one of its normal slow starts next season, the organization is going to hear it. They may not do anything about it, but they’ll hear it none the less.

I will miss him wrecking people’s skulls on the field.

There is one plus to all this drama. My cheap, annoying friend Jerry has to go out and buy a new jersey. This has to be eating him up!