Night of Champions 2012: Latest News and Rumors Surrounding WWE's Big PPV

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistSeptember 9, 2012

Night of Champions 2012: Latest News and Rumors Surrounding WWE's Big PPV

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    With WWE’s next pay-per-view, Night of Champions, scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 16, the excitement over the company’s huge show has the rumor mill working overtime.

    Every title will be defended on this PPV, so the possibilities for pushes and new title holders are very high.

    There is so much on the line at this show that the rumors are bound to start flying as we get closer to the actual event.

    Check back here for all of the updates on Night of Champions as they break!

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**SPOILERS** Final Match Card

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    Including developments from Friday night's SmackDown, here's the complete card for Night of Champions:

    CM Punk vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship

    Sheamus vs. Albert Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship

    Antonio Cesaro vs. Pre-Show Battle Royal Winner for the United States Championship

    The Miz vs. Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Championship

    R-Truth and Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan and Kane for the Tag Team Championship

    Layla vs. Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship

    Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton in a singles match

Ticket Sale Issues

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    Ticket sales haven't reached expectations for Sunday night's show, according to Marc Middleton of He reports the WWE has had Daniel Bryan doing media spots with hopes of boosting sales leading up to the show.

    It's a surprising report considering the event is taking place in Boston, near the hometown of John Cena, who will battle CM Punk for the WWE Championship. That feud alone would seemingly be enough for wrestling fans to turn out in huge numbers.

    That said, the lack of other marquee matches could be the reason behind the apparent lack of enthusiasm so far. It doesn't sound like a major concern, however, so expect a raucous crowd by the time the show gets underway.


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    The Intercontinental Title Match

    After Tuesday’s Smackdown tapings, the fate of the Intercontinental Champion The Miz has been sealed; he will square off against Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara and Cody Rhodes at Night of Champions in a four-way battle.

    While this match is sure to be one of the most exciting of the event, there is no storyline here at all for the fans to get behind. The WWE has made it clear that there are two good guys and two bad guys in the battle, but the crossing of programs is confusing.

    This could be just a thrown-together mess, or this could be the beginning of much bigger storylines for the participants. As much as WWE is known for the former, this has the feel of the latter.

Matches Added at Monday’s Raw

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    Despite the horrible incident involving Jerry “The King” Lawler this Monday, the WWE did announce two more matches for their Night of Champions pay-per-view this Sunday.

    In the first match, the newly formed tag team of Daniel Bryan and Kane will take on R-Truth and Kofi Kingston for the titles. As quickly as this story has developed, giving the belts to Bryan and Kane would begin the slow rebuilding process for that division.

    As for the U.S. title, champion Antonio Cesaro will face the winner of a battle royal that will take place on the YouTube pre-show. With no build or clear direction, the WWE has a chance to do something great with the young star.

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

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    As announced, Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler will square off at Night of Champions in what should be a very interesting matchup.

    Both men are very talented in the ring and there is no question that this will be one of the best matches of the night, but the result will expose how the WWE truly feels about both men.

    If Dolph Ziggler goes over RKO, they are firmly behind the young star and believe he is a future star. It also will prove that the company isn’t quite ready to allow Orton back into the spotlight after his second suspension.

    The problem is that the WWE is not above letting Orton steal the win here and begin his push back to the top of the card. That would be terrible for Ziggler’s momentum and the World Title scene period.

Who’s Antonio Cesaro Going to Fight?

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    As the pay-per-view title proclaims, Sunday is the Night of Champions and every title will be defended; that even means the titles that the company doesn’t care about.

    With no feud or direction at all, Antonio Cesaro will be launched into a match that has little-to-no bearing on his future. According to, WWE is expected to fill out the entire card Monday night and announce Cesaro’s opponent.

    While it will likely finally wrap up that hot feud between Santino Marella, the reports claim there is a chance the WWE could throw in Cody Rhodes or Sin Cara. That would be a great move to get Cesaro over.

Heel Rey Mysterio or Sin Cara?

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    With Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara working well together in recent weeks, the thought was that the duo would become a tag team and help revitalize the floundering tag-team division.

    According to via WrestleZone, the plan from WWE is to have the duo feud at WrestleMania 29, which means one of these two has to turn heel. The recent discussions have been about that topic, but the general feeling is that Mysterio is not a heel.

    Whether the report is accurate or not, the WWE should not turn Mysterio heel for any reason. Just like John Cena, Mysterio is over huge with children, and letting one of their top faces turn into a bad guy would be like shooting themselves in the foot.

    The WWE is a business first and foremost, and face Mysterio makes money; no one knows if heel Mysterio would.

The Card so Far…

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    With just one week until the big WWE PPV, you would expect that the company has been building to an amazing show with well thought-out story lines and creative feuds.

    Think again.

    As we can see from the card so far with just seven days to go, the WWE couldn't care less about this show.

    WWE Champion CM Punk vs. John Cena

    World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

    Divas Champion Layla vs. Kaitlyn

    Every title will be defended on this show, but the saddest part is that no one cares about any of the other belts. While WWE will claim that it is because they are secondary titles, it is truly because the company treats them so poorly.

    If it wasn’t for the dynamic between Paul Heyman and CM Punk, there would be almost no hype around this PPV so far. This go-home show better be incredible.

What’s the Plan for Wade Barrett?

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    Wade Barrett is one of the most promising young stars in the WWE today, but there is a legitimate concern that his return from injury will be botched like the company has done with several of their other recent returns.

    With a squash match in his return to SmackDown, Barrett needs more than that to be successful, but it looks like that is the plan for the near future.

    Lords of Pain is reporting about the changes to Barrett’s changes on a recent live event:

    Wade Barrett was advertised to face Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus in the main event at Saturday’s SmackDown live event at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario, but the match was changed to a Street Fight between Sheamus and Del Rio that the World Heavyweight Champion won. Barrett instead faced Ted DiBiase, whom he defeated.

    The news that Barrett is squashing nobodies even at house shows could mean that he will not be on the Night of Champions card at all or just in a quick match to fill time. He deserves better than that!