Baseball's Steroid Questions

Bobby BrennanContributor IMarch 2, 2009

We live in a time period where every player is questioned. Major League Baseball's steroid crisis has left people scratching their heads. Day by day more star athletes are being revealed as steroid users and cheaters. It's gone from Jose Canseco to Roger Clemens to Alex Rodriguez.

When Alex Rodriguez's name was revealed I believe baseball took a head shot from point blank. Baseball's greatest player, a three-time American League MVP, was revealed as a cheater and a fake. But what people have to realize is this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are still 103 names to be released and who knows how many big-name players will be released in that. Earlier this decade, there were plenty of skinny players entering Spring Training the size of a monster.

Take Bret Boone, who played most of his years with the Seattle Mariners. He was a skinny hitter with a decent batting average who before 2001 had never hit more than 25 home runs or driven in more than 95 runs but in 2001 he put up unbelievable numbers: 37 home runs, 141 RBI; it just seems unreal.

Lifting weights and working out more can make you bigger and add muscle but it doesn't add the dramatic changes to your body that steroids do. Bret Boone entered that season looking like a new man, similar to the way that Barry Bonds went from being skinny to a meat head in a short amount of time.

Jose Canseco also wrote in his book that he too noticed the changes in Bret Boone. I am not a fan of Jose Canseco's books or what he has done to the game but he does bring up a very solid point. This Steroid Era has tainted the game and the revealing of the names will make people doubt all of the players of this steroid era.