Why Tyler Hansbrough Won't Do Anything In The NBA

matt tunaContributor IMarch 2, 2009


Tyler Hansbrough is a supposedly the best ACC scorer ever, yet the only reason he scored so much is that he gets "fouled" every time he shots.

Every time he gets called for a foul he crys, and the refs don't want to see the big baby cry, so they call a foul.

He travels most of the time.

All I know is that he is not going to be happy when every time he travels in the NBA it will be called.

And I don't think he will get in some of the big man's faces in the nba, not to mention there are plenty of players in the NBA that can stop him.

Lets see how he will do in the NBA when he doesn't go to the free throw line every time he fakes a foul.