World Cup 2014: What Are the US Team's Chances of Qualifying at This Point

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer ISeptember 8, 2012

USA VS Jamaica: 2014 World Cup Qualifying
USA VS Jamaica: 2014 World Cup QualifyingMarc Serota/Getty Images

The loss of the USA to Jamaica in the 2014 World Cup Qualifier counts as a sad, disappointing and significant day in my life. The reason is that the United States (USA) may not be competing in the 2014 FIFA World Cup to be held in Brazil.

At the present time (according to the FIFA and CONCACAF website), the USA is in third place behind Guatemala and Jamaica in Group A of the 2014 World Cup table.


What is the position of each country in the Group A table?

The US (according to CONCACAF) lost once, won once, and tied one match. The same scenario of the USA applies to Guatemala.

Jamaica has two wins and a tie while Antigua and Barbuda has two losses and a tie.


What are the possibilities of the US Soccer team going to Brazil in 2014?

My suggestion would be for the US to continue its qualifying matches and hope for the best. The USA will not go to Brazil in 2014.

After finishing the 2014 World Cup qualifiers, the US can practice to qualify for Russia in 2018. The match against Jamaica was a total disaster with disorganization and poor performance on the field.


What can the US do to avoid elimination from World Cup contention in 2014?

The time has come to learn from past mistakes in order to move forward. The US Soccer team must win every match in its qualifying table and beyond.

It must defeat Jamaica in this Tuesday's match in Columbus, Ohio. The US must continue to defeat Guatemala as well as Antigua and Barbuda to go beyond Group A.

The victories tend to start in a psychological mode with the team developing a winning mentality. It would not be a bad idea to start practice with music that evokes victory.

The winning mentality must evolve into the need to play with cohesion and discipline. The midfield and defense must play from a position of strength.

The goalkeeper must be ready at all times to deflect attempts by the opposing team to score. It is a pattern that must continue all the way until the US qualifies.



For those who think that I might be harsh about the 2014 World Cup possibilities, it was done as a wake-up call to US Soccer supporters. After the wake-up call, the suggestions for how to avoid defeat was in order.

At the present time, it remains to be seen whether the advice will be heeded.