How PlayStation 3 and DirecTV Are Hurting NFL Fans

Everett KellyContributor IIISeptember 8, 2012

PlayStation 3's decision to allow only a one-time fee of $299 instead of monthly payments, like they did last season, screws the average fan.
PlayStation 3's decision to allow only a one-time fee of $299 instead of monthly payments, like they did last season, screws the average fan.

For many of us hopeless people who cannot access the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket package, we got a bit of a reprieve last season when PlayStation 3 made it available over their network. They absolutely overpriced the package (more than $330 for the season), but they also helped a bit by making it available via monthly payments.

I was super excited to sign up again this season because they reduced the price somewhat (down to $299), and when I logged on this morning to sign up for the service again, I anticipated seeing the monthly payments again.

However...what a fool I was. Instead of offering monthly payments, the greedy officials over at DirecTV/PlayStation 3 now have taken away that option and you have to pay a one-time fee of $300.

A $300 one-time fee is what you pay for food for your family of four for the week. A $300 one-time fee is what you pay monthly for your car and insurance. A $300 one-time fee is what you pay for round-trip airline tickets (depending on where you go). A $300 one-time fee is what you put on a down payment for a moving company.

You DO NOT make a $300 one-time fee for football. Not in today's economy.

The average NFL fan has already been outpriced for game tickets. We already have to live in an area to get DirecTV just to have a chance at getting the package. Now when PlayStation 3 does a great service and offers it on their system, we are being priced out again.

G-R-E-E-D. That what this is all about.

How disgusting. How repulsive.

The average fan should not have to choose between making a car payment or watching football—feeding a family or watching football. There is no decision to be made.


However, one would like the option to make payments they can afford, even if the product is grossly overpriced. No company should set a standard where it's this or nothing. That goes against what America stands for.

Many people can't afford rent nowadays. Many people are fighting to keep their home. Myself, I have to deal with the horrible side effects of radiation and chemo from barbaric cancer treatment that has left me on disability.

Everyone has a story. Everyone needs help today. Enter PlayStation 3 and DirecTV with a big slap of reality.

When I called PS3, they claimed there was nothing they could do and that I needed to call DirecTV because they set the rules for PS3. When I called DirecTV, they said I needed to call PS3.

I am so sick of the lying and passing of blame in these circumstances. Why can't someone say "Yes, I am the person you need to talk to, and no, I cannot help you in any way. This is the way it is and we know it screws you, but we are greedy slobs and don't care"? Instead, everyone claims ignorance.

I can't stand it!

All I know is that instead of watching NFL Sunday Ticket on my TV, I now have to toy with my computer with the hopes of finding some NFL games via live stream in Italy. This is what greedy companies have turned fans into.