R-Truth: Why the WWE Made a Huge Mistake Turning Him Babyface

Benjamin MottCorrespondent IIISeptember 8, 2012

The truth shall set you free, and the truth for one half of the current WWE tag team champions, R-Truth, is simply put: he is not being utilized correctly.

In the middle of 2011, R-Truth made his mark as a possible WWE main eventer by turning heel. With his new schizophrenic conspiracy-theorist gimmick, R-Truth was finally given a shot at the WWE Championship at Capitol Punishment (which was arguably the worst PPV in WWF/E history), a match he lost to John Cena. On a quest against the "Lil Jimmies" of the WWE Universe, Truth was a great heel, both funny and believable.

Then, the WWE turned him face at the beginning of this year, and ever since then, while Truth still had his moments in the WWE, and is now a tag team champion along with Kofi Kingston (who has had more tag team partners than Kim Kardashian has had boyfriends).

Truth still is very funny, although it's kind of strange that Lil Jimmy went from the young WWE fans to Truth and Kingston's imaginary friend, but the problem is that he's not a believable main-eventer as a face. He still is decent in the ring and charismatic on the mic, but can anybody really take him seriously as a WWE champion?

At the age of 40, he's still got a chance to one day be a world champion, but time is running out for Truth. The WWE needs to turn him against Kingston soon.

It's not likely to happen anytime in the near future, considering the lack of depth in the tag team division, and the fact that Kingston and Truth are still embroiled in a feud with Darren Young and Titus O'Neil (a.k.a. the Primetime Players).

The sooner the turn happens, the better the chances of Truth finally one day regaining main-event status.