Wayne Rooney Came Within Centimetres of Death Against Fulham

Simon EdmondsCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2012

It sounds like something out of the spectacular, but according to reports in The Daily Mail, had Hugo Rodallega's studs raked just an inch or so more down Rooney's leg in Manchester United's clash against Fulham, then the veteran striker may well have bled to death on the pitch.

The thigh muscle shields your femoral artery which, if cut open, can cause you to lose enough blood to suffer a fatality in a matter of minutes.

Speaking on the moment of the injury, Rooney said:

‘I was lucky, to be honest, because it was a millimetre away from my artery. Thank God I was quite fortunate. It didn’t hurt me at all. I got up ready to play on and I was holding my leg up to the referee to say I needed a physio or doctor.

I asked the doctor if I could walk off. My son was in the crowd and I didn’t really want Kai seeing me carried off on a stretcher. But he told me it was too dangerous and I had to get on it.

The doc said a lot of players would have seen it and fainted. They tried to cover it up from me in the dressing room and put something in to stop it being infected, but I told them I wanted to watch.’


It really puts into perspective how even in this modern day and age when a lot of precautions are taken in sport, incidents like this can still take place.

This was nobody's fault really. It seemed pretty apparent at the time that Rodellega had no idea what he was doing when he came down on top of Wayne in the manner that he did.

But with this startling news, it really should lead to some kind of analysis of the type of studs being worn by players out on the pitch.

Thankfully Rooney was relatively unharmed, but just imagine for a second if those studs had in fact traveled just that centimetre or so more up the Liverpudlian's thigh.

However, as it was—it didn't, and the United front man is likely to be back in regular action in just over two weeks time.

All I can say is we should be counting our blessings that we didn't see the nightmare that came so close to unfolding two weeks ago today.

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