Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez 2: Head to Toe Breakdown

Montique David@@montiquedCorrespondent IIISeptember 8, 2012

Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez 2: Head to Toe Breakdown

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    In the first offering of the UFC on FOX, Cain Velasquez fought Junior Dos Santos for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

    Just 64 seconds later Junior laid waste to Cain with a devastating overhand right to the temple—and it was over.

    Junior Dos Santos reigned supreme over the Heavyweight division.

    After the fight, Dana White and numerous other MMA personalities wondered aloud why Velasquez didn’t opt for a more wrestle-heavy approach. They wondered why he decided to "stand and bang" with a guy that many would say has the heaviest hands in the UFC.

    Now we get to see a rematch of the top two Heavyweights in the MMA world.

    So. Should we be expecting another 64-second demolition, or a 25-minute war?

    Let’s break down the rematch!

Tale of the Tape

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    Dos Santos














    Finishing %



    Average Fight Time




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    Both men are exceptional strikers. Cigano uses his top-notch boxing skills and heavy hands to dish out punishment at will.

    Velasquez is well rounded, utilizing kicks and more of a Muay Thai-style attack.

    In the first match, a whopping total of 15 strikes were landed. Seven by Velasquez and eight by Dos Santos which included the Chuck Liddel-esque overhand right that ended things. Not much of a sample size to draw from.

    Overall in their careers, Junior connects on 49 percent of his attempted significant strikes while Velasquez is at 61 percent.

    Velasquez is the current record holder for UFC significant strikes landed per minute with 7.4. Cigano isn’t far behind, landing 6.85 per minute.

    Cain’s ability to mix punches and kicks and work at an unbelievable rate and with accuracy gives him an edge in variety. However, Dos Santos’ mastery of boxing gives him an edge as long as this one stays on the feet.

    Advantage: Junior Dos Santos


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    With Cain Velasquez being the dominant wrestler of the two, it would seem like this category would be very one-sided.

    Not so fast.

    Dos Santos lands takedowns at a 75 percent clip while Velasquez is at 71 percent.

    That may sound close until you look at the fact that in their respective UFC careers, JDS has completed three takedowns to Cain’s 16. Over a 15-minute span, Velasquez completes 6.61 takedowns to Dos Santos’ .76.

    Neither man spends much time on their back as they boast an equal 88 percent  takedown defense.

    This is going to be a battle of elite takedown ability vs. elite takedown defense.

    It reminds me a lot of GSP vs. BJ Penn. BJ was impossible to bring down in early rounds yet as the fight wore on, his cardio did also.

    This is also true of Junior Dos Santos. Against Roy Nelson he began to slow down in the third round. With Cain Velasquez having possibly the best cardio in the heavyweight division, it will be interesting to see how Dos Santos’ takedown defense does in the end.

    Advantage: Cain Velasquez


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    Both men are brown belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and only Cigano has one submission victory in the very early part of his career. 

    Cain wants to get the takedown then ground-and-pound. Cigano wants to stand and pound you into submission.

    You never say never in MMA, but I think smart money says that this one doesn’t end by submission.

    Advantage: Push

Question of the Match

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    Can Cain take down and control Cigano?

    Given what happened in short order at the UFC on FOX debut, chances are Cain won’t be looking to stand with Cigano this time.

    With that said, can he not only take the Champ down but control him also? If he can, we may have a very new UFC Heavyweight Champion.


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    This fight can go many ways, however I seriously doubt that it goes anything like what we saw back at UFC on FOX 1.

    Personally I think we see what made Cain Velasquez the first Mexican Heavyweight Champion of the world.

    Prediction: Cain Velasquez by fourth-round TKO