Manchester United: 10 Reasons Fans Fall in Love with Manchester United

Max TowleAnalyst ISeptember 8, 2012

Manchester United: 10 Reasons Fans Fall in Love with Manchester United

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    Manchester United is often acknowledged as one of, if not the biggest club in football.

    Its fanbase spreads across the breadth of the globe, the brand as instantly recognisable as it is synonymous with success.

    But why is this? Why do so many fans across the world fall in love with the Red Devils?

    Here are 10 reasons.

Sense of Community

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    This one follows far beyond any "follow the leader" syndrome.

    As any football fan will tell you, to become part of a community spirit, whether big or small, in support of a club is an incredibly powerful feeling.

    When United win, the fans celebrate as one. When the team loses, they commiserate as one.

    There's a reason it's Manchester United.

Dramatic Comebacks

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    There is no club in world football more synonymous with late, dramatic comebacks than Manchester United.

    For evidence, look no further than the Red Devil's recent clash with Southampton, when, down 2-1 with less than five minutes on the clock, Sir Alex Ferguson's men turned it around to win 3-2.

    For opposing fans to witness such an event, there must be a sickening feeling of inevitability watching it unfold.

    There's a reason one of the most famous commentary quotes of all time is, "Can Manchester United score? They always score."

Sir Alex Ferguson

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    For many United fans, the prospect of life without manager Sir Alex Ferguson is unthinkable.

    Indeed, many, myself included, weren't even born when the Scotsman was first appointed at the club.

    His legacy is undeniable, his success unbelievable. Whilst at United, he has won 12 Premier League trophies, the FA Cup five times and the Champions League twice.

    Simply put, he is surely the greatest manager to have lived.

Dedication to Youth

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    Over the years, players raised in Manchester United's famed youth system have contributed greatly to the team's success.

    Sir Alex has never been afraid to give youngsters a chance in his team, placing his trust in fledgling talent consistently over the years.

    No better example of this can be given than that of the class of '92, which included Paul Scholes, David Beckham and Gary Neville—a group of players that have since gone on to help forge the modern legacy of the club.

    Turns out you can win something with kids after all.


The Busby Babes

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    It was perhaps the Munich air disaster of 1958 that first elevated Manchester United to the position of biggest club in England.

    The story of the tragedy that claimed the lives of 23, gutting what had been one of the most promising group of footballers at the time, captured the attention and hearts of the nation.

    The Busby Babes will never be forgotten so long as there's a Manchester United Football Club, and they will continue to inspire new generations of fans for decades to come.

    For the club to have survived the disaster, and to have recovered so quickly, is a tale of redemption with few parallels in the history of the game.


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    Every fan likes to see their team win, and for United fans, that glorious feeling comes around more often than for fans of most other clubs.

    It is a rare occasion for the Red Devils to finish a league campaign out of the top two positions, such is their consistency.

    Since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, United have claimed glory an astonishing 12 times.

    For Sir Alex's team, winning has become a welcome habit that seems hard to shake.

Big-Money Signings

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    Despite the fact that Manchester City and Chelsea have recently overtaken United as the most spendthrift teams in the Premier League, the Red Devils are certainly not afraid to splash the cash.

    This past summer, over £40 million was spent on transfers, £24 million of which on the marquee signing of world-class striker Robin van Persie from rivals Arsenal.

    Despite the dodgy financial position of the club's owners, the Glazer family, funds for spending are always made available every season.

    There's good reason United are linked with just about every player under the sun in the transfer gossip columns.

Old Trafford

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    The biggest stadium in the Premier League and a cathedral of noise on its day, Old Trafford is a worthy home for the biggest football club in the world.

    The pilgrimage to Old Trafford is a must for most Manchester United fans at some point in their lifetime, and from personal experience, one that's well worth the cost.

    Even for those who are never able to visit the famous stadium, the image on their television screens of the mammoth, triple-tier North stand is a more than memorable one.

The Premier League

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    It is no coincidence that the world's biggest club plays its football in the world's most important league.

    Though the debate over the quality of the football compared with other leagues across Europe is sure to rage on, the passion and sense of monumental importance of the league cannot be denied.

    There's a reason that every big club in England considers themselves rivals of United, not necessarily out of jealousy, but out of the fierce determination to be the top dogs in the nation.

    Such is the competitiveness of the EPL.


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    This one I saved till last for a reason.

    This one moment in Manchester United history could have easily been lumped in with the earlier blurb about comebacks, but such is its importance and impact on the club's history, it surely deserved its own slide.

    In a sentence? United are down 1-0 in the biggest game in football going into stoppage time; two goals in three minutes later, and the team had claimed everything their hearts desire.

    "Football. Bloody hell."


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