Al Pacino Will Reportedly Play Joe Paterno in Movie About Penn State Scandal

Tyler ConwayFeatured ColumnistSeptember 7, 2012

The Jerry Sandusky scandal that brought down the Penn State football program will reportedly be made into a film with legendary actor Al Pacino signed on to play the role of Joe Paterno, according to Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel:

Just got an email that Al Pacino is going to play Joe Paterno in a movie about the Sandusky scandal.

— Pete Thamel(@SIPeteThamel) September 7, 2012


Though no concrete details about the film have been released, the movie will be at least partially built on the recently released book, Paterno, by Joe Posnanski, according to Deadline.

The book, mostly written by Posnanski during the height of the Sandusky scandal, has been on The New York Times' Best Sellers list since its release.

Once viewed as a bastion of integrity in college sports, Paterno was fired by the Penn State board of trustees on Nov. 9, just four days after the grand-jury testimony regarding Sandusky's molestation of underage boys leaked to the media. 

Paterno testified that he had no intimate knowledge of Sandusky's actions, which included the molestation of boys on Penn State property.

That testimony was later called into question by the Penn State-funded Freeh Report, which exposed e-mail exchanges between high-ranking university officials about a 2001 incident with Sandusky. 

There is no word on which actor will take on the role of Sandusky, who is awaiting sentencing after being found guilty in June on 45 of 48 charges relating to the molestation of eight boys. 

For Pacino, this will not be his first time dipping into the acting waters as a football coach. The 72-year-old Oscar winner played coach Tony D'Amato in 1999's Any Given Sunday

Nevertheless, this movie (along with Pacino's involvement) will surely cause some rippling controversy throughout the sports landscape.