Rugby Community on Bleacher Report Needs a Change

Giorgi DolidzeCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2009

I have been a member of rugby community on bleacher report for more than a month now. I was even an active member for a week or two. I wrote a lot and I thought I found what I needed. But than after about two weeks, I stopped writing.


Even I don’t understand why. But I think I know the answer there isn’t much happening in the community. I am a member of wrestling community, and there is always something interesting to read.


I don’t mean that rugby isn’t interesting. I’m a huge fan of this sport, and I play it myself, but all I see on this community is game recaps, statistics and so on. Very seldom some fresh information, which I would read with pleasure.


I mean, all the writers in the community are doing a great job, but we aren’t many and articles we write don’t get read most of the times (about from five to 30 reads, if the article is really good more than 50 reads) when articles on some of other communities that may say nothing will be read thousand times and will get Pick Of The Day (POTD).


Same problem with comments. In my sight of view this is very disappointing, rugby is such a great sport.


I think it deserves to be on the very first page of B/R and you are not supposed to go to more to find rugby community. There are about 400 members and only about 20 of them write (including me).


The most active member and No. 1 writer in the community is James Mortimer and I really respect him as a sport fan and writer. About half of the articles on the community page are his. He is doing a great job.


But I still think that there must be something changed. Why don’t we try to write some different kind of articles as well as recaps and breaking news.


After finishing this article I’ll write something different. I’ll write about my life and the importance of rugby in it.


Sorry if you thought that I waisted your time by making you read something that is so of the subject but I really think I needed to write about the problem that the community has.


Hope you enjoyed reading the article and I hope you will read my next article as well.