Megan Fox & the Top 10 Hollywood Cheerleaders: BR5

BR5Daily ShowSeptember 7, 2012

With football season kicking off, there’s a lot to be checking on, from your favorite team to your fantasy team. Some also like to check out the amazing professional cheerleaders of the NFL. But, not all cheerleaders are found on the field. We looked to the silver screen for the Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Cheerleaders.


Number 10

Jennifer Lawrence played a high school cheerleader named Norah in the 2011 film, “Beaver”. She looks great here, but since no one saw how good she looked she’s at number 10. 


Number 9

Kate Mara is a number 9 for her cheering skills in the 2006 film, “We Are Marshall.” But even her spirit couldn’t help the tragic story.


Number 8

At number 8, we have Kim Kardashian from one of her few acting roles in, “Disaster Movie." Even after this role in 2008, she stuck to reality TV. I wonder why?


Number 7

Mila Kunis for her character Jackie on, “That 70’s Show." Two complaints are not enough Kunis, and too much Kutcher.


Number 6

Eliza Dushku for her role, Missy Pantone, in “Bring It On." Dushku took the rebellious, yet hot cheerleader role to a new level making her very hard to leave off the list.


Number 5

Hayden Panettiere, who was able to make her mutant cheerleader character, Claire, on “Heroes” hot. The show faded, but the image of Hayden didn’t.


Number 4

Megan Fox for her role in “Jennifer’s Body." She plays a possessed cheerleader, but, a sexy possessed cheerleader, so we’ll let her slide to number 4.


Number 3

Gabrielle Union. Before she was Dwayne Wade’s personal cheerleader, she played one alongside Eliza Dushku in “Bring It On." We remember how hot she looked and to always “bring it.


Number 2

Minka Kelly for here role in “Friday Night Lights” as Texas cheerleader, Lyla Garrity. She’s every quarterback’s dream, and Derek Jeter’s reality.


Number 1

Without a doubt, number 1 goes to Ali Larter for her role as Darcy Sears in “Varsity Blues." The movie did fairly well in the box office, but you could possibly attribute that to Ali’s whipped cream bikini scene.