Manchester United Youth Academy Captain Arrested over Public Indecency

Simon Edmonds@@Eddie_EdmondsCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2012

It's a shame that something like this had to happen to a player with so much potential and talent.

Manchester United academy captain Luke McCullough has nobody to blame but himself for this ridiculously stupid act.

The Daily Mail reports that McCullough left a nightclub with a "pretty blonde," before taking her down an alleyway and engaging in sexual intercourse on the street.

When the a member of the police approached the couple, they apologised, zipped themselves up and moved along.

A CCTV camera in operation shows footage of the same couple walking down a different street and re-engaging in the act.

At this point McCullough and his friend were approached again, this time being taken into custody.

This isn't the sort of career-ending fiasco that the likes of Luke McCormack, Marlon King and Stan Collymore have suffered in the past — but a player of just 18 years of age should not want this sort of thing following him the rest of his playing days.

What's worse for Northern Ireland native is that this has happened under the management of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Fergie does not have the same approach as other managers when it comes to a player's personal life.

It is the strong belief that all of his players show exemplary behaviour when out in public, as they are representatives of the club.

McCullough will have to go to great lengths to get back in the good books of the world's most successful manager. Or his days in a United shirt may well come to and end sooner than he would have expected.