5 Bold Predictions for the 2012 NFL Season

Josh ZerkleChief Writer IIISeptember 7, 2012

When discussing the NFL season, we're all throwing darts when making predictions. So why not be bold?

We're always blindsided by some developments among the 32 teams, and there have been some big surprises thus far. Rookie Russell Wilson outplayed high-priced free agent Matt Flynn for the starting quarterback job in Seattle. Earlier this year, we saw Hue Jackson get fired from the Raiders after one 8-8 season. And we saw Chad Johnson get cut on Hard Knocks, even if that wasn't the biggest shocker.

So, what's in the mix for the regular season? What will we see from NFL superstars like Tom Brady, or even players still grasping for superstardom like 49ers quarterback Alex Smith? What should we expect from the post-BountyGate Saints? And will this finally be the year that the Cowboys actually do something notable?

I make five bold predictions for this NFL season in my latest video. Check out my take in the video above, and leave your own bold predictions in the comments below. Thanks for watching.