The Hottest Single Athletes in Sports

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIISeptember 10, 2012

The Hottest Single Athletes in Sports

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    The breakup of tennis star Maria Sharapova and Slovenian baller Sasha Vujacic has been doing laps in the sports world, as the breaking news hit stands last week.

    And these previously engaged lovebirds calling it quits presents a warning for all athletes: The long distance Skype scenario can only work for so long before waves come crashing down and emotions unleash.

    But enough about splitsville, we're here to introduce the newest bachelorettes currently swatting balls and tossing long sticks on the playing field. These athletes are focused on their game and eager for new support.

    Let's meet the lovely ladies searching far and wide for male companionship.


    Note: This is a fictional dating game, perfect dates and "looking for" are based on assumptions, not fact.

20. Lindsey Vonn, Skiing

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    Backstory: Legendary ski racer with an affinity for backup quarterbacks.

    Looking For: People to stop linking her to Tim Tebow.

    Perfect Date: Ripping on Tiger Woods.

19. Lolo Jones, Hurdling

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    Backstory: American record holder in the 60-meter hurdles. Saving herself for marriage.

    Looking for: Rashida Jones, to ask her why they're the same person.

    Perfect Date: Press-up challenge.

18. Sydney Leroux, Soccer

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    Backstory: Canadian-born U.S. striker with a history of amazing hairdos. Recently split from MLB fiance Brett Lawrie.

    Looking For: A chance to focus on herself.

    Perfect Date: Screaming contest.

17. Jen Kessy, Volleyball

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    Backstory: Silver medalist U.S. volleyballer from the Southern California area. 

    Looking For: A male cheerleader perhaps.

    Perfect Date: Anything involving patriotism

16. Rachel Unitt, Soccer

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    Backstory: World-class English defender.

    Looking For: Another flag to change into.

    Perfect Date: Stare at a soccer ball for hours.

15. Chanelle Sladics, Snowboarding

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    Backstory: Professional snowboarder. Yogaworks certified Yogi. Dreamer, cook, gardener, artist, tree-hugger, skater, surfer, free diver (via twitter).

    Looking For: Winter Bigfoot.

    Perfect Date: A candle-lit chairlift.

14. Stephanie Rice, Swimming

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    Backstory: Three-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer who likes to party.

    Looking For: A married NBA beau?

    Perfect Date: Instagram Hour.

13. Meghan Gardler, Basketball

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    Backstory: Former UConn baller now playing in Europe.

    Looking For: Another ring.

    Perfect Date: Dinner with her national championship trophy.

12. Allison Baver, Speed Skating

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    Backstory: Bronze medalist short-track speed skater. Used to date skater Apolo Ohno.

    Looking For: Superman.

    Perfect Date: Blowing snow at oblivious passersby.

11. Ali Watt, Basketball

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    Backstory: Former Georgia guard (one-year wonder) who seems headed for a career in modeling.

    Looking For: A modeling agency.

    Perfect Date: Lunch with a potential agent. 

10. Katie Taylor, Boxing

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    Backstory: Olympic gold medalist boxer. The pride and joy of Ireland.

    Looking For: New faces to destroy.

    Perfect Date: Four rounds in the ring.

9. Kim Glass, Volleyball

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    Backstory: 2008 silver medalist outside hitter who tried out for America's Next Top Model five times.

    Looking For: Tyra Banks, for an explanation.

    Perfect Date: A game of Limbo.

8. Antonija Misura, Basketball

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    Backstory: Feisty Croatian basketball player with a warming smile.

    Looking For: More fruit.

    Perfect Date: Apple bobbing, or anything with fruit.

7. Darya Klishina, Long Jumping

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    Backstory: Russian long jumper who doubles as a male heartthrob.

    Looking For: Bigger starfish.

    Perfect Date: Classy photo shoot.

6. Maria Sharapova, Tennis

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    Backstory: Just broke up with boyfriend of nearly two years. Currently preparing for the U.S. Open semifinals. Can defeat five Japanese opponents on the tennis court—at once.

    Looking for: A below-average professional athlete will enjoy the shadows. A guy who accepts stuffed animals.

    Perfect Date: Banana picking.

5. Christina Vukicevic, Hurdling

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    Backstory: Norwegian record holder in the 60-meter. Just split from javelin thrower Andreas Thorkildsen.

    Looking For: A guy who enjoys bright sunshine

    Perfect Date: A sweaty jog around the track.

4. Ana Ivanovic, Tennis

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    Backstory: Aggressive tennis star who's dabbled in modeling. Just split with golfer Adam Scott for the "second time in two years."

    Looking For: Serena's dance instructor.

    Perfect Date: A day in the ball pit.

3. Melanie Adams, Pole Vaulting

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    Backstory: Beautiful pole vaulter with a heart of gold.

    Looking For: An Olympic berth.

    Perfect Date: Water fight.

2. Ellen Hoog, Field Hockey

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    Backstory: Took winning shot in the 2012 Summer Olympics semifinal against New Zealand. A bruising midfielder.

    Looking For: More cowbell, couldn't hurt.

    Perfect Date: Last-minute penalty shot to win the game, every single time.

1. Leryn Franco, Javelin Toss

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    Backstory: Possibly the sexiest athlete alive. Runner-up 2006 Miss Paraguay 2006.

    Looking For: Any Olympic medal. 

    Perfect Date: Anything without another wardrobe malfunction.


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