NBA 2K13: Release Date and Coolest New Features for Upcoming Game

Alex BallentineFeatured ColumnistSeptember 7, 2012

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Gamers who love the 2K Sports NBA franchise, rejoice! The latest offering, NBA 2K13, will hit stores October 2, 2012, and it appears to be chock full of new and improved features that will once again make this one of the best sports games of the year.

Nearly every game mode has been improved in some fashion, so regardless of what you liked about the older installments, they've most likely improved upon it in 2K13. This game is definitely a must-buy for anyone that enjoys basketball simulations.

Here are the coolest new game features that 2K has recently revealed (h/t


The Control Stick

Juking a defender out of his shoes should be easier than ever with the new control stick.

In prior games, the right stick was used as the shot stick, and performing crossovers, spins and other iso moves was a bit of an inexact science. With the new control stick scheme, that should no longer be an issue. In NBA 2K13, the right stick will control all dribble moves along with shooting, passing and post moves.

The new control layout may be difficult to master at first, but after an adjustment period, the control stick should offer gamers more control and precision than ever before.


Kinect Capability

This one is for 360 owners only, but it's a cool feature regardless. NBA 2K13 will feature Kinect voice integration for the first time in the franchise's history.

Gamers will have the freedom of calling for a pick, calling out plays and even asking for substitutions without even pressing a button or accessing a single menu. With the Kinect voice feature, you only need to call out what you want and watch it happen.

Be careful though, users can also receive a technical foul for swearing, so players with anger issues may want to tread lightly with this feature. Here's a video of Senior Producer Rob Jones explaining the general awesomeness of this new tool.


Shoe Creator

The Kinect capability and control stick are two features that should enhance game play, but what about gamers that love creating things?

2K Sports has you covered with a new, in-depth shoe creator.

Shoes have always had a special relationship with the sport of basketball, and now you can feel like a true star by designing your own shoe in the game. According to IGN's report on the feature, gamers will be able to alter up to 45 layers for their shoe, tweaking everything from material to colors to pattern.

Perhaps the coolest thing of all is the user's ability to have their shoe synced to the NikeID website and order a real pair of the virtual shoes that can be shipped to your door (no word on price yet).

A basketball game with voice recognition and fully customizable shoe design? Who doesn't love that?