Naying Saying Arsenal

tumang bokabaCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2009

It seems to be fashionable these days to nay say, condemn, write obituaries about the "great inevitable meltdown" of Arsenal. If you did not know you would swear the club is facing relegation.

Can anyone say without equivocation that what is currently happening to this great club was not expected? Any club that loses its spine and commits itself to building from then on will of course face the same hardships that Arsenal are facing.

The question that should be asked is whether losing its spine did the club managed the process efficiently? Looking at the current "struggles" on the pitch, one is inclined to say "NO".

But it is easy to say so. Arsenal have always been admired for profligacy in the market. The manner in which they responded—that is, by blooding youngsters—has been the norm for the club, to act otherwise when Arsenal are suffering from loss of form is being myopic.

Last season when they were riding the league only to lose by three points everyone was hailing Wenger as a genius. What happened to that hysteria? Granted fans are not expected to display generous amounts of common sense but still, to Arsenal a club in decline is going too far.

When Sir Alex started he was almost fired for a situation far worse that what my beloved Arsenal are going through now, and look at him. If fans are not careful Arsenal will end like Chelsea selling our soul for a few bob.

Arsenal will rise. It always does. We need real Gooners to realise that much as what is happening to Arsenal is only temporary.

Call me schizo, but class is permanent. Greatness is built on stability and there's currently no super club more stable than Arsenal.