TNA Impact! Wrestling: The Bound for Glory Series Intensifies

Daniel PeragineSenior Analyst IISeptember 7, 2012

Jeff Hardy waits for his opponent. Photo credit: Lee South, TNA Wrestling
Jeff Hardy waits for his opponent. Photo credit: Lee South, TNA Wrestling

The Thursday, September 6 edition of TNA Impact! Wrestling opened with a video package recapping the events that occurred on the show recently.


Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe in a Bound For Glory Series match.

Your winner via submission: Jeff Hardy. Hardy winning with a submission move helps him move higher in the Bound For Glory Series standings. This match was a solid opening for Impact! Wrestling.

Match Rating: 3.5/5


Backstage, Hulk Hogan and Austin Aries discuss Aces and Eights. Hogan gives Aries his permission to once again meet with Aces and Eights in the ring.

After a commercial break, Joe is interviewed with Christie Hemme. Magnus interrupts and begins to blame Joe for their tag team break up. Magnus wishes Joe the best of luck, leaves for a quick moment, then suddenly attacks Joe.

Hogan is shown backstage with Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, Robbie E, Robbie T, Kid Kash, Gunner and AJ Styles in his office about who should be picked to face the TNA Tag Team champions. Hogan eliminates Styles from earning a shot at the titles. After, Brooke Hogan is backstage talking with Tara and Gail Kim. Brooke tells Tara that she will face Miss Tessmacher for the TNA Knockouts title at the No Surrender pay-per-view.


Tara vs. Gail Kim in a Knockouts singles match.

Your winner via pin fall: Tara. This match allowed Tara to gain some momentum heading into her title match at No Surrender.

Match Rating: 3/5


In the ring, Al Snow called out former TNA Gut Check contestant Joey Ryan. Ryan makes his way through the crowd and heads into the ring. Snow decides to give Ryan one more shot at making the TNA roster. Ryan fires back, demanding Snow to give him a contract. After Snow tells him he must go through another Gut Check match, Ryan finally accepts. Snow tells Ryan he must face him to earn a spot on the roster. 

Afterwards, Ryan begins to taunt Snow. Snow slaps Ryan, forcing him out of the ring in frustration. Ryan tells Snow he will sue him and leaves.

Backstage, Bully Ray meets with Joseph Park. After a commercial break, Hogan eliminates Kash and Gunner.  


Bully Ray vs. Rob Van Dam in a Bound For Glory Series match.

Your winner via pin fall: Bully Ray. With the win, Ray advances in the Bound For Glory Series, eliminating Van Dam. After a slow start, this match really picked up its intensity towards the end.

Match Rating: 3.5/5


Austin Aries is backstage with an unidentified Aces and Eights member. Aries pulls out a piece of paper revealing that the member's name is Mike from New York. After failing to get any information out of Mike, Hogan arrives and begins to yell at him for the group's recent actions. Hogan gets a phone call from the Vice President of Aces and Eights, then makes a deal to return Mike back to the group in exchange for the person who damaged Austin's arm in a recent attack on the World Heavyweight champion.

James Storm arrives to the ring. Storm begins to talk about his comeback to TNA, and how he missed all the energy from the fans. He calls out Ray, Joe and Hardy to the ring to make his opponent selection. Storm picks to face Ray at No Surrender and tells him to come to the ring. Storm tells Ray he will end his chances to advance in the Bound For Glory Series. 

Van Dam and Magnus begin to brawl backstage. TNA officials Snow and D'Lo Brown break up the brawl.


Kazarian and Christopher Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez for the TNA Tag Team titles.

Your winners via pin fall to retain the titles: Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. This was the best match on Impact! Wrestling. Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez performed very well together as tag team partners. The match featured plenty of action by both tag teams.

Match Rating: 4/5


After the match, Hogan comes out and announces that Kazarian and Daniels will defend the TNA Tag Team titles against Styles and Kurt Angle at No Surrender.

Aries comes out to the ring and brings along Mike from Aces and Eights to the ring. Aries calls out Aces and Eights to bring forward the member who damaged his right hand. After waiting in the ring, Aries begins to attack Mike. Mike gets pulled out of the ring by the member of Aces and Eights who attacked Aries. Aries and the group member begin to brawl in the ring as Impact! Wrestling closes.


Overall Impact! Wrestling Rating: 3.5/5


My quick take on Impact! Wrestling:

Once again, Impact! Wrestling had another quality show. TNA did a great job to promote No Surrender, and the matches made for the pay-per-view look very good on paper. Impact! also continued to show just how important the Bound For Glory Series is, and most of the matches on the show were solid to watch. TNA is doing right by continuing to feature pay-per-view quality matches on free television.  

Despite Impact! having more talking segments, the show continued to flow smoothly. Backstage segments did not seemed rush and allowed viewers to follow along with what was happening.

TNA seems to have a good pay-per-view coming up in No Surrender thanks to this edition of Impact! Wrestling.