WWE: Could Antonio Cesaro's First PPV Title Defense Make or Break His Reign?

Michael PrunkaCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2012

Photo: article.wn.com
Photo: article.wn.com

When Antonio Cesaro defeated Santino Marella for the United States Championship at SummerSlam, many saw potential in the Swiss Superstar. At Night of Champions, where every championship is on the line, Cesaro will have his first opportunity to defend the United States Championship on pay-per-view.

The quality of the match, as well as its underlying story, could make or break Cesaro's reign.

Christian was a logical choice for the first contender for Cesaro's championship. After all, "Captain Charisma" did hand Cesaro his first singles loss in the WWE. A feud with the veteran Christian would yield great matches.

Excellent matches alone won't solidify Cesaro's reign. The mid-card champions are often subjected to random title defenses with little or no storyline significance to them.

Yes, some of these random matches have been entertaining. In the long run, though, they aren't very memorable.

A champion is best established through meaningful victories. Logically, a meaningful feud would produce a meaningful victory.

Would Cesaro get a meaningful victory at Night of Champions if he was engaged in a feud with Christian? They would likely give Christian an out for losing to continue the feud, so probably not. An advancement in the angle would be better than a decisive win over a random opponent, though. The meaningful win over Christian would likely come down the road.

Unfortunately, Christian likely won't be around to challenge Cesaro at Night of Champions. WrestleZone reported that the WWE is electing to keep Christian off of television until after his appearance at TNA Bound for Glory.

Hopefully, they can pair Christian and Cesaro together when Bound for Glory is in the books. Until then, Cesaro is still without a feud.

To really begin his title reign on a positive note, the WWE should opt to give Cesaro a transitional feud. Have him wrestle Tyson Kidd. Cesaro defeated Kidd's tag team partner, Justin Gabriel, on the Sept. 6 edition of WWE Superstars, giving Kidd a logical reason for wanting to get his hands on Cesaro. All they need to do is establish storyline reasoning for why Kidd gets a shot at the United States Championship.

Antonio Cesaro's first PPV title defense is a crucial one. It can make or break his reign because it sets the pace for it. So long as the WWE puts some effort forth in booking Cesaro at Night of Champions, I'm confident that his first PPV title defense will be a success.


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