Jeremy Lin and David Lee Dominate Trip to Taiwan with Pick-Up Game Video

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 6, 2012

Jeremy Lin is kind of a big deal over in Taiwan. 

The video (h/t BuzzFeed) features the Houston Rockets' star in action in a late-night game off the streets of Taipei. 

Linsanity is joined by another former Knicks player, David Lee, and they leave their hotel to look for a pick-up game to satiate their basketball needs. 

Let's continue by saying this isn't your typical impromptu video capturing an athlete as he dominates the locals. 

There is a good amount of scripting and acting going on in the start of the video. I have to admit, I chuckled the minute David Lee's door opened and he saw Lin in a Hello Kitty costume stating, "That's the third time this week this happened to me in Taipei."

From there, the two are a little more real, chatting about playing in street games and genuinely looking excited to get back onto the court. 

That's when the buzz that greeted Lin at the airport surrounds the basketball court. It seems like hundreds of fans begin to swarm the game, taking pictures and capturing the moment on video. 

Upon leaving, Lin throws some used gear into the crowd who gobble it up with epic fanfare. Of course, this is something I never understood. 

I know this is a huge star and all, but a used wristband is still a used wristband. I'll gladly let the guy next to me catch it and gladly hold my head high afterwards. 

The video reminds us of one thing. The NBA season is upon us, and Linsanity is beginning to boil over once again. 

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