WWE: The 5 Stupidest Things Current and Former Superstars Have Tweeted

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistSeptember 6, 2012

WWE: The 5 Stupidest Things Current and Former Superstars Have Tweeted

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    Like it or not, the WWE has fully embraced social media, and it is an aspect that is here to stay. In some respects, it's annoying, since it tends to constantly be thrown in our faces on Raw. But when wrestlers tweet without a filter, it can be highly entertaining as well.

    Some wrestlers, such as Zack Ryder, know how to effectively use Twitter in order to market themselves. Others, though, probably shouldn't even be allowed to use a computer. Although those wrestlers tend to embarrass the WWE or their current employer, fans are constantly waiting for a train wreck.

    Luckily, the wrestling business is full of people who often lack common sense and don't care about the repercussions of their actions. It almost makes you wonder if the WWE should be approving what its superstars tweet, but that would make things a lot less fun for us.

    Here are the five stupidest tweets that have been produced by either current or former WWE superstars in recent months.

Kurt Angle

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    Kurt Angle, for all his success as an Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling and one of the most decorated champions in professional wrestling, has long been known as a bit of a headcase. He isn't shy about speaking his mind, and although he sometimes has some valid points, he more often says things for the sake of being controversial.

    This was the case on Tuesday, as Angle tweeted about the annual PWI rankings. WWE Champion CM Punk was given the top spot, but Angle was none too happy about that. He claimed that he, Randy Orton, Bobby Roode, A.J. Styles and Austin Aries were all better than Punk.

    Saying one wrestler is better than another is subjective, but the PWI rankings are all about kayfabe. You simply can't dispute that Punk deserves No. 1 based on the fact that he has held the most prestigious title in pro wrestling for nearly 300 days.

    I respect Angle as a wrestler and still consider myself a fan, but he made himself look jealous and foolish with that tweet.

CM Punk

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    WWE Champion CM Punk is normally a fairly smooth operator who is calculating about everything he says. But even he is prone to flying off the handle every once in a while.

    Punk has actually had several controversial things to say on Twitter over the past year, but his response to a person who opposed gay marriage back in May has to take the cake.

    According to WrestlingInc.com, Punk told that person to "kill himself" when he disagreed with Punk saying that gay marriage should be legalized. The person who Punk was responding to was disrespectful and used a gay slur in his tweet, but Punk has to realize that he is very much in the public eye and can't say things like that, even if it is on the Internet.

    Punk ultimately apologized, but he has to be more careful moving forward. Whether you support gay marriage or are against it, both Punk and the person he argued with were in the wrong for the language that they used. I respect Punk for championing a cause that he believes in, but he has to do it in a more productive manner.

Michael Cole

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    As the man who speaks more than anyone else on WWE programming on a weekly basis, announcer Michael Cole has to be quite cognizant of everything that comes out of his mouth. As annoying as his all-out heel persona was, he does a nice job when he is calling things down the middle. But obviously, his announcing prowess doesn't translate when he's behind the keyboard.

    Anything having to do with homosexuality is obviously a hot-button issue, especially when it comes to homophobic slurs. Seemingly unprovoked, Cole tweeted a single word to WWE colleague Josh Matthews in March of 2011 that is offensive to essentially everyone on earth. To make matters worse, this came two weeks after the WWE partnered with GLAAD, according to TMZ.

    Cole apologized, and this whole thing has since been swept under the rug and forgotten about, but Cole got very lucky in that regard. The WWE easily could have suspended or fined him if it chose to, but Cole escaped unscathed and has seemingly been much more careful since then.

Kevin Nash

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    When some wrestlers' careers end, they are content to ride off into the sunset and simply appear again whenever they are needed. Others have a constant need for attention and simply can't admit when their best days are behind them. Even as somebody who has long been a fan of his, I have to admit that Kevin Nash belongs in that latter group.

    The WWE did Nash a great service when they allowed him to return at the Royal Rumble two years ago, attack CM Punk at SummerSlam, have a mini angle with Punk and ultimately have a blow-off match against Triple H. That isn't enough for Nash, however, as his new life's work seems to be constantly tweeting about the nWo and teaming up with Punk.

    Nash did precisely that a little over a month ago, according to TheScore.com. He tweeted about how the nWo would get back together and wouldn't allow The Rock to beat Punk for the strap at Royal Rumble.

    This is dumb one a couple fronts. The first is that the nWo is dead and is never coming back, nor should it. The second is that, even if it was coming back, it would be idiotic to ruin the surprise.

    Nash is all about shock value and wanting to matter in the world of wrestling, but I'm sure Punk isn't interested in Nash trying to ride his coattails.


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    It is understandable that when a WWE talent isn't utilized the way that he thinks he should be, he might get a little upset. There is a right way and a wrong way to deal with that, though. The right way would be to have a meeting behind closed doors in an effort to rectify the situation. The wrong way is to blast the company on Twitter in a fit of rage.

    The wrong way is also known as the JTG way.

    Since JTG broke up with Shad and Cryme Tyme was dissolved a couple years ago, he has been little more than a jobber making occasional appearances on Raw and SmackDown.  

    JTG obviously believes that he is too talented to be in his current position. While that is certainly arguable, he went on a Twitter rampage last month and accused the WWE of taking advantage of him and his "lockerroom brothers."

    This reportedly may have stemmed from a cut in WrestleMania pay this year, as Wrestling Observer noted. And although JTG may have been right to take issue with it, he went about addressing it the wrong way. For his troubles, JTG was put in a squash match on Raw against Ryback about a month ago and hasn't been seen since. Nothing like jeopardizing your already-shaky job status by publicly blasting the company you work for.



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