It'sa Shame Rex Grossman Is No Longer a Chicago Bear

Patrick Z.Contributor IMarch 1, 2009

The career of former Chicago Bears quarterback Rex Grossman will have two very different stories.

The "accepted" one will be that he was not good, a fumbler, a guy that can't handle the pressure, and a "mental midget." We will get many that say Grossman lost us the Super Bowl. The National Media will laugh when his name comes up. But that's not the whole or true story. 

In truth, Grossman was one of the best quarterbacks to play for the Chicago Bears in the past 20 years. While that isn't that difficult to achieve with the history of the quarterback play in Chicago, some people forget the stats when it comes to his career. Please keep in mind we are talking about Chicago.

  • He's the first Chicago QB to start all 16 games in a season since Eric Kramer did it 1995.
  • He's the first Chicago QB to throw 20 plus touchdown passes since Eric Kramer.
  • He's the first Chicago QB to win two playoff games in one season since Jim McMahon in 1985.

That's just a taste. Why would you want to boo a player that did that?

People love to forget the beginning of his career and what was happening with the Chicago Bears.

  • Rex was drafted in 2003 and played the last three games of the season, winning two, as he played behind Kordell. His head coach was Dick Jauron and his offensive coordinator was John Shoop.
  • In 2004, the Bears hired Lovie Smith and he brought in Terry Shea as the OC. As a first round pick, Rex was rightfully given the opportunity to start. He earned that with his play at the end of his rookie season. He torn his ACL diving for a touchdown against the Vikings in the third game of the season. Season over.
  • In 2005, Lovie Smith fired Terry Shea and brought back Ron Turner. Rex had another freak injury, breaking his ankle in the preseason. The Bears watched the defense dominate the season and survived on Kyle Ortons 128 yards a game average. Grossman rescued the team in a game late in the season against the Atlanta Falcons. The stands and fans went crazy to see him run back on the field, and throw the ball more then 10 yards down field on his first attempt. People also fail to remember that in the playoffs that season Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers burned the top five defense to the tune of 200+ receiving yards.
  • In 2006, the Chicago Bears were concerned about Grossman's health, and thus brought in journeyman Brian Griese. The thing that people also fail to remember is that they brought in Griese, not only for insurance for Grossman's injuries, but also because they saw what Kyle Orton did. In other words they didn't trust Orton to be the backup. Rex went on to win 15 games that season, named the player of the month of September, named to multiple player of the week awards and helped guide the team to the Super Bowl. He also formed a bond with receiver Bernard Berrian, a player that until that season hadn't developed yet.
  • In 2007, the Bears let go of their leading rusher. The offensive line got extremely old very quickly. The defensive coordinator was let go, and the team had many injuries. It was a bad year for the whole team.
  • In 2008, Grossman bailed out Kyle Orton, who was losing to the Lions when he got hurt. Then he had to face the undefeated Titans the following week. Talk about bad luck.

The first three years of Grossman's career, he had two major injuries. Can you blame him for that? They were from diving for a touchdown on field turf and breaking an ankle.

Does that have anything to do with his ability to play? No. He also had two head coaches, and three offensive coordinators in his first three years on the job. Any young quarterback is going to have growing pains. You add up those factors and it's near impossible that think he still put up the numbers that he did.

I truely believe that Grossman can succeed in the NFL. He has dealt with more adversity than any human being should have had to put up with. He has stood up to the questions and boos. I would take Grossman every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

He is MY quarterback.