Derrick Rose—Could The Rookie From Chicago Turn Into a Legend ?

kaleb klinkContributor IMarch 1, 2009

I personally really think Derrick Rose could turn into one of the great Chicago Bulls of all time.

Look at what the combination of him and Ben Gordon have done for them this year. The record may not very impressive, but it goes far beyond where they were last season.

He scores around 17 points-per-game, but what really makes him an important part of the team is that he is learning how to spread the court and get passes to wide-open shooters.

Rose is already shooting good shots, something that Kevin Durant couldn't do last year, and is starting to get the concept of how to play defense.

Judging by what others like him in their first season turned into, namely Magic Johnson, he could be an amazing point guard.

Being a rookie, he will still be progressing and improving years from now, and when you think about it, that could be scary for other teams.

I could see him being in the list of top ten point guards of all time at the end of his career, as long as he doesn't do like Jason Kidd and end up being too unselfish. He is a very good scorer and could probably carry a team.

By the time his career is over, I expect he will have at least two or three championships.

Look for big things to happen for him from here on out.