WWE: Should John Cena Join CM Punk in Paul Heyman's Stable?

John NizinskiAnalyst IIISeptember 6, 2012


Stables in professional wrestling have always been a very popular and interesting thing. This is especially true when big-name superstars join forces and shake up the state of whatever company they are in.

Stables like the NWO and DX were monumental to the success of professional wrestling. Lately in the WWE, there hasn't been any big stable that has made a significant impact.

The WWE could definitely benefit from a strong stable that would give them something different and be a nice change of pace.

On the Monday Night Raw episode after WrestleMania, Brock Lesnar returned to the company where he started. He returned and immediately challenged John Cena.

While also in the middle of a feud with Cena, Lesnar tried taking over the WWE. This left him in a situation with Triple H. But it always caused the return of his former manger Paul Heyman. Heyman is strong on the microphone and is one of the best managers in recent memory.

Recently, talks about a potential Paul Heyman stable has heated up. The WWE superstar rumored to be joining him is WWE Champion: CM Punk.

Punk climbed to the top of the WWE when he was a heel speaking his mind about the WWE. His pipe bombs helped make him arguably the most popular superstar in the company and helped put the gold around his waist.

Punk has had a nice run as champion and has been a face for the majority of his run. However, Punk seems to be in the middle of a heel turn, which is when he is at his best. The heel turn has put him on the path of joining Paul Heyman.

Punk is also currently in a feud with Cena. They will face each other in a WWE Championship match at Night of Champions. At that time, Punk will probably be officially apart of Heyman's stable. A stable that consists of Punk and Lesnar is extremely intriguing and entertaining.

But what if they added another top superstar to that stable? Say, Cena?

Adding the most polarizing WWE superstar of all time would put Heyman's stable in the same sentence as the NWO or DX.

This move would immediately shake up the current state of the WWE and make it must-see TV again. The WWE would probably not take the risk of turning their two top face's heel, but a risk like this would be a historic moment in the company.

Cena joining Heyman's stable would be an unforgettable moment like when Hulk Hogan joined the NWO.

Here are a few ways that this could happen...

  • Instead of fighting Punk at Night of Champions, Cena could just lay on his back immediately when the match starts and allow Punk to pin him. He could then get up and shake Punks hand. Heyman and maybe Lesnar would come out and introduce Cena as the newest member of his stable. 
  • Another way could be, after Cena loses to Punk at Night of Champions he could shake his hand and give him the respect Punk has demanded. Then on the next might's Raw, Punk could be in the main event against a top face. Punk wins the match and right after he pins the superstar, Cena comes out. After looking at Punk, they could both attack the superstar that Punk just beat. Then Heyman could come out and introduce Cena as the newest member in his stable. 

A Cena heel turn is most likely never going to happen. There have been a million chances for him to turn and the WWE has yet to try it. Even still, it is always fun to speculate and come up with ways for Cena to turn heel.

Cena being in a stable with Punk, Lesnar and Heyman would be so intriguing and it would open the door for so many potential matches and feuds going forward.

An interesting angle could be after months of Heyman's powerful stable wreaking havoc on the WWE and pretty much taking over, three legends could return to "save the WWE." The Rock, Triple H and the Undertaker could return to challenge the stable.

On a big episode of Raw, as WrestleMania 29 nears, the stable could be out in the ring cutting a promo. They could be saying how they own and rule the WWE now and are the greatest superstars in WWE history and can't be stopped.

Then Triple H (who has been on a hiatus) comes out and confronts the stable. Heyman says something like, "you couldn't even beat Brock by yourself. He left you with a broken arm. What makes you think you even have a chance against all three of them?"

Then The Rock's music hits and he comes out. He starts talking about the WWE Championship and how he best Cena already. Then Heyman says they still have no chance because they are outnumbered.

Then The Undertaker comes out and the six stand face to face and are about to go at it, but Heyman gets in the middle and gets his guys put of there.

Here is a look at some matches that could come from Cena joining Heyman's stable...

  • CM Punk (heel) vs The Rock for WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 29. 
  • John Cena (heel) vs Undertaker at WrestleMania 29
  • Brock Lesnar vs Triple H rematch at WrestleMania 29. The loser retires from in ring competition.

Let me know what you think of this scenario.