Are The Islanders Hopless?

Bobby BrennanContributor IMarch 1, 2009

The New York Islanders are well on they're way to having another terrible season.

I recently attended the game and not only was the team's gameplay horrible but the arena was empty. I was both shocked and embarrased as a resident of Long Island to see the Colosseum completely empty.

A mix between an inept owner and poor marketing has really hurt the team, along with a lack of focus on bringing up quality talent. But, maybe if they stuck a decent team out on the ice maybe that would draw some cash flow.

Like that front office has to try something because their strategies are not coming close to working. They should switch things up, sign a well known veteran or change up the uniforms, or run a new line of merchandise or commercials on TV.

Or maybe, the Islanders have to just realize that it's just not working out on the Island (or at all, for that matter) and consider relocating or removing the team altogether.

There have been rumours of relocating the team to areas such as Kansas City which has been desperatly seeking a hockey team. Hartford also is looking to gain an NHL team after losing the Whalers, but are a less likely location.