25 Greatest Fan Takedowns

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterSeptember 6, 2012

25 Greatest Fan Takedowns

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    Personally, I don't think running onto the field during a sporting event is ever a terrible idea—particularly during a baseball game. It entertains the fans and is a nice change of pace from the four hours of pitchers and managers wasting our damn time. 

    Granted, some attention-craving loonies do a much better job at putting on a show than others. Some are clearly in good physical condition and go all out with with a costume, or completely naked, and manage to evade security for awhile. While others are just drunk fat dudes who make it about 10 feet beyond the bleachers. 

    Not that it matters, because it's always a good time. And the best part of the experience for the rest of us fans is seeing the demented nut bag get leveled by an excessive number of security guards. 

    Here are the best 25 fan takedowns in sports. 

25. Orioles Fan Charges Field, Nobody Cares

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    The one thing that most fan-crashing-the-field incidents have in common is that security, players or someone acts quickly to stop the offender. Most of the best incidents don't even last 20 seconds before someone lays out the offender. 

    This Orioles fan who charged the field in July 2010 is definitely the exception. Not only did he run around for two full minutes without attracting so much as a sideways glance from security, at one point he actually runs back into the bleachers and then back onto the field. 

    The kid wasn't officially "leveled," but he was apprehended by the most useless security guards on earth eventually. It was just too ridiculous not to include. 

24. WWE Fan Crashes the Ring, Then Crashes Outta the Ring

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    Everyone is always complaining about the WWE being fake or staged or stupid. Those people drive me insane because whether or not it's staged (and it is staged), it is completely irrelevant. 

    It's all about putting on a show, and nobody does it better than the WWE. That's why I can't say for sure if this video is staged or not, but it looks pretty legit and it's definitely entertaining as heck. 

    As quickly as the fan somehow makes his way into the ring, he's just as quickly nabbed by security and chucked back into the crowd from which he emerged. 

23. Teeny Child Storms the Field at a White Sox Game

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    In April 2012 the teeniest, tiniest, most adorable field crasher in history hit the field at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago. The White Sox deal with this on a daily basis, but never has a regular irritant been so adorable. 

    Naturally he was "leveled" because that would have really gotten someone in trouble, but he was scooped up by White Sox player Dayan Viciedo and returned to his father, who is in need of parenting lessons. 

    The preschooler was ejected from the game with his enabler daddy and both likely got quite the lecture from mom when they arrived home. 

22. KC Wolf Strips a Fan of His Dignity

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    It's one thing to get taken down by a bone-crushing linebacker like James Harrison, but it's another story altogether to get laid out by a mascot. The first will hurt you physically, the latter will crush your dignity. 

    An NFL game is probably the most dangerous sporting event to crash the field at because there are so many large men standing around who are capable of inflicting serious bodily harm. But there are still some maniacs who go for it each year. 

    In 2007 a Kansas City Chiefs fan did just that and he was actually able to evade security for at least 10 seconds. But eventually security caught up with him, and so did mascot KC Wolf, who dog piled on the subdued fan. 

21. This Guy Is REALLY Excited About a Pujols Home Run

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    First, let me just say that there are a lot of people on YouTube who have absolutely no clue what the word "streaker" means. So despite the title of this video, you might want to just skip it if you're expecting any nudity. 

    That being said, despite the poor quality of the video, it's pretty hilarious. In 2007 (then) Cardinals superstar Albert Pujols homered in the bottom of the eighth inning with the bases loaded. Naturally, the crowd went wild. 

    But one fan went just a bit more wild than the rest. He celebrated the Cards big moment with a lively jaunt onto the field, where he was quickly leveled by a six-man security team. 

20. Hockey Fan Trucked by Ref

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    Hockey fans are about as rowdy as they come, but most of their shenanigans go down in the stands, or in corridors of the arena—and with good reason. The rink is surrounded by glass and, well, what’s a drunken idiot going to do on a sheet of ice without skates? 

    Well, in 1987 one mulleted innovator tried to blaze a new trail for buffoons everywhere, when he somehow got onto the ice in a game between the Boston Bruins and Winnipeg Jets.

    He managed to carefully prance across the rink for a few moments (in some pretty snug jeans, I might add) before a referee blasted him head-first into the boards.

    Thus the great rink-crashing experiment ended almost as soon as it began. Never mess with a man with a mustache. 

19. Red UniTARD Man Doesn't Put on Much of a Show

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    Fans charge the field at MLB games on a regular because it's just so easy from those outfield seats. It's always a fun distraction, but these days you really need to put your own unique stamp on the moment if you want to be remembered. 

    This "dingleberry," as the YouTube poster hilariously deemed him, decided to go with a head-to-toe red spandex unitard. Tard being the operative word. He hit the field at Citizens Bank Park in September 2010 and was easily subdued by security. 

    My question is: How does a guy in a red spandex unitard not have security assigned to him immediately. You just know he's going to do something crazy. 

18. Red UniTARD Man Strikes Again!

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    Usually when fans charge the field, the players stand around looking either amused or annoyed. They rarely get involved with the take down personally because it's not worth risking an injury just to tackle a harmless crackpot destined for a night in the slammer. 

    But, like people who speak in cliches always say: Fortune favors the bold. Which is why when a nutcase in a red spandex bodysuit charged the field during a Phillies-Braves game in 2010, Braves outfielder Matt Diaz did his part in subduing him. 

17. Take Favre’s Ball, Get Pinballed

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    Typically, once a football fan accomplishes the feat of actually getting onto the field, it becomes quite clear that he didn’t really hash out the details for Step 2 of his plan. In this case, however, the game-crasher had clear designs on what he needed to do once his feet were on the turf and his freedom on the clock: 

    Steal the football from one Mr. Brett Favre.

    After plucking the ball from the hand of an unsuspecting and bewildered Favre, this brave soul briefly paraded down the field showing off his prize.

    The situation quickly deteriorated, as expected, and after a strong effort to evade security (including a nifty move that caused two of them to collide into each other), this insurgent fan ended up getting knocked around by several angry dudes. 

16. Batman Boxers Don’t Make You Batman

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    You have to appreciate a streaker who makes the extra effort to look totally insane while running wildly around a baseball field. I mean, anyone can show up to a game, crush like 10 beers, and impulsively run onto the outfield. But it takes some real cajones to do it only wearing Batman boxer shorts and a cape.

    I used to believe that the whole concept of a cape was silly—does it really make Superman or Batman better at what they do? Well, this guy has shattered all my preconceived notions about the utility of a good cape.

    How else can you explain his extraordinary ability to evade about a dozen police and security staff for as long as he did? Alas, there are limits to what a cape can do, because he ended up getting the business end of a nasty body slam.

15. Mexican Soccer Fan Has His 15 Minutes

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    Fans storming the pitch in soccer is more common than in American sports; probably because they are under less threat from security forces armed to the teeth. And they don't go out of their way to not show it on television. 

    This Mexican fan who made his way onto the pitch during a game against Iceland in 2010 had a pretty good run before finally being taken down by some security guy who looks anything but official. 

    The best part is the soccer player who makes the lamest attempt I've ever seen at stopping a looney bin fan on the field. 

14. Man Attempts to Storm Field, Fails Epically

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    Sometimes it's hilarious when a fan charges the field at a baseball game, and sometimes it's just embarrassing. This Mariners fan certainly falls into the latter category. 

    He does manage to get onto the field, but that's pretty much the beginning and end of his success. Dude is immediately tackled by security—security who sent five angry dudes when just one or two would have been fine. 

    Good luck ever retaining even a modicum of dignity, dude. 

13. Wearing a Scarf Is for the Classy Streaker

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    This video was posted in 2008 and has minimal details about the event. But honestly the video tells you everything you need to know about this event. 

    A chubby English soccer fan stripped off all his clothes, minus a scarf, and jiggled around the pitch for what seems like an eternity before being subdued. 

12. Red Sox Fan in a Wig Makes an Ill-Advised Move

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    I'm not sure of the exact details of this amazing moment in time, but according to the YouTube intro: On

    May 4, 2010 
    One Idiot Baseball Fan 
    Ran Onto The Field. 
    He Was Tasered. 

    After watching the video, I can confirm that all of those details are true. I probably would have added the fact that the fan in question was wearing a blonde wig. 

11. The Leveler Becomes the Levelee

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    I make no secret of the fact that I absolutely love pretty much every mascot in sports. I realize they are kind of stupid, but there's just something about a grown man busting a move dressed as a chicken (or whatever) that never fails to make me laugh.

    But there are plenty of people who are less fond of mascots, like the crazy man in the green clown wig in this video. Apparently crazy clown man was offended by the extremely lame dance moves of the San Antonio Talons mascot, Scoop. 

    This video is actually a two-for-one treat. First the crackbrained fan dressed as a zebra levels Swoop and goes on to erratically evade inept security guards for awhile. Then out of nowhere Swoop swoops in and levels his leveler. 

10. The Man Without a Plan Pays the Price

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    I'm not sure what this fan's plan was when he ran out onto the pitch during a soccer game in 2008. Something tells me he didn't come up with anything beforehand, opting instead to just play it by ear. 

    He makes it to the field successfully and runs back and forth for a bit, his scarf blowing in the breeze, before chucking something at someone. When it seems that security is on their lunch break, one badass player took matters into his own hands. 

    And the results were glorious...

9. Finally Something Worth Watching at PNC Park

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    Being a Pittsburgh native, I've been to my share of Pirates games. I'm not sure that I've ever actually seen them win, but I've been in attendance at countless games. They are usually pretty peaceful affairs. 

    Although you'd never know it from this video posted by some good Samaritan on YouTube. In a clear case of police using excessive force, a drunken fan was both tasered and clubbed at PNC Park during a game in April 2011. 

    Police brutality isn't usually a laughing matter, but the fact that the entire crowd was chanting "USA! USA! USA!" as the fan was handcuffed and hauled off to jail—that's definitely a laughing matter. 

8. WWE Fan Attacks a Ref in the Ring, Pays the Price

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    I definitely wasn't sure if the first wrestling video I posted was staged or legit, but I'm absolutely positive this one is the real deal. 

    During a WWE SummerSlam match between John Cena (who I recognize from his patented jorts) and someone else in 2009, an unhinged fan shoots into the ring like a rocket and tackled the ref. 

    I can't imagine what would possess a human being to do something like this, but I must admit that I'm so happy he did. 

7. Fan Assaults Players, Players Return the Favor

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    Actually, I'm not sure if it'd be accurate to call this guy a fan considering he stormed the fan to physically assault the players. Perhaps he's a fan of the other team, maybe he was mad at his own team, but he is definitely bonkers. 

    The nutcase actually gets in a couple of good shots before the tables are turned and he feels the full brunt of the beating. 

6. Two Psychopaths, One Attack on an MLB Manager

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    In what is quite possibly the most deranged fan moment of all time, in 2003 a deranged man and his deranged son stormed the field at a Kansas City Royals game and violently attacked manager Tom Gamboa. 

    The psychotic fans were, in turn, attacked by the entire Royals team. The moment was nothing short of epic and the white trash sociopaths were each sentenced to 90 days of probation following the incident. 

    I can't imagine those lunatics have managed to stay out of jail altogether in the ensuing decade. 

5. Streaking Streaker Streaks, Gets Tackled by Grossed out Security Guards

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    When the barking mad fan storming the pitch is a very naked, very hairy man, every security guard on the field likely has a moment of hesitation before manning up to address the task at hand. 

    It's just always unfortunate when the task at hand is dog-piling on a weird naked man. It's a dirty job, but I suppose someone has to do it. 

4. Portly Red Sox Fan Gets Leveled

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    You gotta give this Red Sox fan credit for his moxie because it does take some stones to even make that jump onto the field. But unfortunately his rotund figure didn't allow him the speed to evade the initial security. 

    He is absolutely leveled within seconds, and it's hard to imagine he didn't immediately regret that decision. 

3. Browns Fan Feels the Force of a James Harrison Body Slam

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    The NFL is filled to the brim with dudes you wouldn't want to spill a drink on in a bar or hit on his girl by accident. Chief among them has to be fearsome Steelers linebacker James Harrison, the meanest of the mean on the field. 

    But at least when Harrison levels and opposing player, they are dressed in the proper protective gear and probably expecting a hit. When Harrison stopped a Browns fan who had stormed the field in 2007, he did it with a body slam that would have made CM Punk smile. 

    One word: Ouch!

2. An NFL Streaker Who Will Haunt Your Dreams

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    Warning: This video is disgusting.

    The Dolphins and Giants played a preseason game at Wembley Stadium in London in 2007. Normally preseason NFL games are relatively uneventful affairs where backups play against backups, most of whom are competing for a job as a bench warmer. 

    But there was at least one noteworthy in this game and it came just before the second half. Mark Roberts, a flabby, internationally known streaker, rushed the field in an unusually baggy referee uniform. Turns out it was baggy for a reason. 

    Roberts proceeded to strip off the uniform and run around the field wearing nothing more than a g-string with a a football cozy covering his junk. Roberts busted out the running man, the moonwalk and managed to hump the ground before be nabbed by the bobbies. 

1. Phillies' Fan Makes History

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    Okay, maybe the fat guy getting immediately getting laid out was the second most hilarious fan getting leveled of all time. For my money it just doesn't get better than the teenage Phillies fan who got tasered in May 2010 after making an impressive run. 

    Even better than the event itself was the fact that the kid called his dad to ask permission prior to the big show. When the Philadelphia Inquirer asked his father what he said to his son during that phone call, his dad told the paper that he didn't think it was a great idea. 

    I'm just glad he ignored the advice of his pops who is obvious a total square. But why call him in the first place if you're just going to do it anyway. 

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