Will TNA Die? Can It Happen? Ways They Can Keep It Alive (Part 2)

Michael Wollin@MichaelWollinCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2009

Now if you read part 1 of this now here's part 2.

The next thing they need to do in getting better is the X Division. They have some of the greatest talent to give five-star matches. They want to work hard but, for some reason now they are afraid to pull the trigger on these guys, and I don't understand.

Now I know some people will get mad at me but this is true. One of the things when WCW was Beating WWE in the Monday night wars was WCW had the cruiserweights having huge matches that were pay-per-view quality.

So if they just let the X Division just have those high quality matches with a better writing with the Mafia/Frontline thing, they will have something going.

With all of that you got the knockouts which only was last episode of Impact with the Kong/Saeed vs. Kahn/Bolt were we knew what was going on but it kinda came out of  nowhere. The Knockouts have always been TNA's highest rated segment on impact.

The tag teams. Now the three teams that mean anything are Beer Money, Team 3D, and L.A.X. Now the sloppy thing to do is just put two guys together and call them a tag team.

Or do the right thing and put a team together that will mesh well and viewers can see the team posing a threat to whoever holds the titles.

So in all of this. If TNA improves their product with some or all of the things I've said in both parts. TNA will be ready to take on the WWE and have Monday Night Wars part 2.